Three Ships Skincare Review | All-Natural, Vegan (Formerly NIU BODY)

NIU Body was rebranded to Three Ships after this review was first published.  Brand/product names and links have since been updated.

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Whenever I go on vacation, I like to use it as an opportunity to dig into my skincare ‘to try’ box and experiment with some new products.  There’s just something about the excitement and adventure of traveling (even if it’s just going back to Pennsylvania to visit my parents for 4th of July!) that gets me in the mood to switch up my routine a bit and indulge in something new.

So as I packed one little carry-on bag for my Pennsylvania visit (trying to travel very minimally these days!), I tossed in three skincare products from Three Ships – a cleanser, toner, and serum.  They pretty much used up all of my liquid allowance for the flight, but I had an inkling it would be well worth it…

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What made me reach for Three Ships and make the decision to lug around these somewhat heavy (yet very pretty) glass bottles?  Well, for one, every product in their skincare line is 100% natural, vegan, and cruelty-free.  To top it off, their products are rich in essential oils that benefit the skin while also relaxing the mind (and I can always use a little aromatherapy on vacation!).  And best of all, they’re incredibly affordable (especially for an all-natural skincare brand), with prices in the $10-30 range.

“We source the finest ingredients from around the globe, formulating only with the purest and most effective ingredients. We do our part to keep our environment beautiful by using recyclable packaging and focusing on sustainable ingredient sourcing.”

It’s been a little over two weeks now since I’ve been using their skincare set (I did a little test run before vacation just to make sure everything agreed with my skincare before committing, and have been continuing to use the set after returning from my trip).   Here are my thoughts so far!

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Three Ships Piña Colada Lip Polish

First off, let’s start with a product that first drew me to Three Ships – their deliciously scented sugar lip polish.  I got it in one of my Petit Vour boxes from a while back, and was immediately impressed by the quality, all-natural ingredients, and especially the scent.

Formulated with all-natural oils and butters, it hydrates the lips as large granules of sugar gently exfoliate and sweep away dead skin.  The tropical scent (that smells just like the real thing!) was enough to get me reaching for this daily.  And my lips are thanking me – they’re about 10x smoother and softer than back when I wasn’t exfoliating them and using regular moisturizers!

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Three Ships Nourish Cleansing Oil

I’m a big fan of oil cleansers as they tend to be some of the best makeup removers, and at the same time, they don’t strip the skin.  The Nourish cleansing oil by Three Ships is no exception.  Formulated with antibacterial coconut oil, anti-aging geranium oil, and hydrating lavender oil, their cleansing oil dissolves even my most stubborn waterproof eye makeup in seconds – while also removing dirt, sebum, and other impurities.

Some nights, when I’m feeling a bit lazy, I apply 4-6 pumps to a cotton pad and do quick wipes over my face to remove makeup, then massage the remaining oil into my skin to serve as a moisturizer (and a relaxing little aromatherapy treatment).  Despite the fact that my skin is somewhat sensitive to essential oils, the two found in this formula – geranium and lavender oil – surprisingly didn’t upset my skin, even when left on overnight.  The next day, my skin always looks smooth and glowy!

Now, this oil cleanser is a slightly oilier and thicker feeling than other oil cleansers I’ve tried before, which it maybe why it works so great, and so quickly.  However, the one downside for me is that it does not rinse away easily with water.  I typically have to follow up with a foaming cleanser if I’m using this in the morning/throughout the day – else my makeup will slip and slide around with this underneath.

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Three Ships Calm Lavender Hydrosol Toner

Three Ships’ Calm Lavender Toner is an ultra-gentle, alcohol-free toner that combines four simple, all-natural ingredients – lavender floral water, aloe vera leaf juice, glycerin and witch hazel (alcohol-free).  Together they help tone, hydrate, calm, and even combat blemishes.

I’ve been using this mister every day now, and it’s the step I look forward to the most in my skincare routine!  What I’ll do it mist it all over my face and neck, and let all the natural ingredients soak in for a good 1-2 minutes before applying the Glow serum.  The delicate mist instantly relaxes my mind and refreshes my skin, and also rejuvenates my makeup without disrupting it!

The lavender fragrance is especially relaxing when it comes to winding down for the evening.  (Three Ships’ also has an ‘Awake’ Toning Mist that uses rose floral water to calm and hydrate skin while awaking the senses – I may have to pick up that one next!)

three ships review - Glow Luminizing Facial Serum

Three Ships Glow Facial Serum

And finally, to the shining star in this little collection that I tried – Three Ships’ Glow serum.  It features four simple ingredients, including organic camellia seed oil (an omega 3 & 6, antioxidant-rich oil), organic jojoba oil (an amazing skin conditioner), and Vitamin E (an anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, skin healing oil).  Together, they leave skin the hydrated, plump, radiant and glowing.  Organic bergamot essential oil also gives it a bright, citrus-y scent that turns it into a mini sensory experience (and yet it’s subtle and not at all overpowering).

As someone with combo skin (oil in the T-zone, dry/normal everywhere else), oil-based serums can be tricky.  Some can be too running or thin and therefore not provide much hydration or balance.  Meanwhile, others can be thick and goopy and just sit on top of my skin, causing breakouts if I’m not careful.

Three Ships’ Glow serum, however, is perfection! Just 2-3 small drops is all I need to cover the face.  It spreads easily and sinks into my skin almost completely through some gentle massaging (ahhh and it smells so good too in the process!).  It leaves behind a light layer of hydration and creates a subtle healthy, glow sheen.  Makeup just glides on over top without slipping around.  The best part is, it’s so hydrating that I haven’t once felt the need to layer on another moisturizer.  It has been working amazingly well on its own during these summery months, and I expect it will be an excellent booster to my winter skincare routine!

three ships glow facial serum review 01

I’ve been using the serum, along with the oil cleanser and toning mist for a little over two weeks now, and am amazed at my results so far.  For one, my skin has almost completely balanced out.  My dry spots are gone, while my oily T-zone (which always acts up during this time of the year especially), is looking more matte – and staying that way throughout the day too.  My skin has also been feeling a lot smoother and softer, and looking more balanced, even-toned, and glowy.  In fact, I narrowed down my summer makeup routine to my favorite CC creme and concealer, and lately I haven’t felt the need to apply either!

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