Where to Get Natural & Organic Beauty Samples

detox market natural, organic beauty and makeup samples

I’ve been doing a lot of exploring in the natural, organic, and vegan beauty realms lately.  While I’ve been fortunate to stumble upon a few natural makeup brands at my local natural health food store, their selection is often limited, with only a couple of brands on display.  Which is why I took to the internet to find products.

In the process, I discovered five great sites that offer beauty and makeup samples in the natural, green, vegan, and cruelty-free departments – from mineral foundation, to your choice of natural lipsticks, highlighters, concealers, skincare, and more.

What’s great is you can test the products at home, and even wear them out a few times – you often get plenty of product to play with.  So without further ado, here are my favorite websites for trying out natural, green, vegan, and cruelty-free beauty samples!

1. The Detox Market

the detox market natural makeup samples
Starting with my favorite, The Detox Market lets you sample almost any product from the store (excluding obvious items that can’t be easily divided up, like teas, supplements/food, mascaras, eyeliners, bath soaks, and candles).  It’s easy too – simply explore their store and look for the “Sample It” links (found to the right of the Add to Cart buttons).  Clicking this link will add the product to your “My Little Sample Bag” kit, which includes 4 samples for $7.99 (plus ~$1.99).  Considering they offer pretty generous sample sizes (which personally last me 5+ uses, with the exception of foundation and skin/hair care samples), I find their “Try It On” kit price to be very reasonable and well worth it.  The Detox Market currently ships to the US only.

2. Spirit Beauty Lounge

spirit beauty lounge natural, organic makeup samples
Another great site for sampling a wide variety of natural and organic beauty products is the Spirit Beauty Lounge.  You can basically sample any product that has the “ORDER A SAMPLE” link on its product page.  Their kits are on the pricier side however, coming in at 6 samples for $25 (plus shipping), and according to their reviews, the sample sizes can be quite small.  On the plus side though, they do offer a huge selection of products that can be hard to find elsewhere.  The Spirit Beauty Lounge currently ships internationally to 30 countries.

3. Everyday Minerals

everyday minerals natural makeup samples
When it comes to mineral foundation, Everyday Minerals makes sampling fun.  They let you try out 5 packet samples of their face products for free (plus a very small shipping fee, which is usually around $3 for US orders).  As part of their free sample kit, you get to select 2 bases (foundations), 1 primer, 1 bronzer, and 1 finishing powder.  The packets contain plenty of product for a good 5-10 applications (depending on how much coverage you aim for).  Everyday Minerals offers shipping to many international countries.

4. Alima Pure

alima pure natural foundation samples
Another great site for sampling mineral foundations is Alima Pure.  They offer generously sized foundation samples for $1.75 each, as well as through their 10 sample kits for $24 (plus shipping).  Both can be found on Alima Pure’s face makeup page here.  The 10 sample kit is great if you’re unsure about your skintone – it lets you experiment with 5 different tones (Warm, Beige, Cool, Neutral, and Olive), plus you get a kabuki brush and $10 off a full-size jar of satin matte foundation.  They offer shipping to many international countries.


Have you tried natural, organic makeup samples through one of these websites?

Are there any other websites that you use to sample natural/organic/green/vegan/cruelty-free beauty products?









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