The MM.LaFleur Bento Box #2 | Try-On & Review

MM.LaFleur womens work clothing review 7

I’m back today to share my second MM.LaFleur Bento Box!  In my first unboxing and try-on here, I mentioned how I’d always struggled with finding work clothes that looked sophisticated and modern, yet tasteful enough for the workplace (and also comfortable enough to wear from morning to evening!).  That was until I discovered MM.LaFleur‘s ‘Bento Box’ personal stylist service.  Here’s a quick recap on how it works…

With MM.LaFleur’s Bento Box, they do all the work for you when it come to finding high-quality women’s work clothes.  After filling out short style survey online and scheduling a delivery date, your assigned stylist will handpick a selection of dresses, tops, pants, and accessories based on your preferences.  On your delivery date, you’ll receive a box filled with wardrobe staples to try on in the comfort of your home.   You’ll have four days decide what you want to keep and return (and they’re more than accommodating if you need more time), with MM.LaFleur stylist team there to help you along the way if you need advice.

MM.LaFleur womens work clothing review 7

The best part is, unlike a subscription box, there’s no monthly commitment, and there’s also no deposit required.  You simply checkout online within the four day window, and pay for only the items you decide to keep.  If you didn’t find anything, you can simply ship everything back at no cost to you.  Shipping is free both ways, and they’ll even schedule a UPS pick-up for you – all up have to do is text them your order number.  Talk about a smooth and simple process!

Try out the MM.LaFleur Bento Box here!

MM.LaFleur Bento Box #2

I’d consider my first Bento Box an ‘introductory’ box where I got to try out a range of their styles – from tops, pants, dresses, and accessories, in different fits.  After getting a better grasp at what they offer (as well as doing a bit of window shopping on their website), I was ready for a second box.  This time, I even put in a few specific requests, like a dress and jacket that I’d been eyeing.  Keep scrolling for the full rundown of all the pieces!

MM.LaFleur Doris Dress Silk Crinkle review 01MM.LaFleur Doris Dress Silk Crinkle review 01

MM.LaFleur Doris Dress – Silk Crinkle ($240) –  This 100% silk dress is super comfy, lightweight, and breezy.  It’s a great piece for summer (and also a nice transition piece into fall, worn with a blazer or one of MM.LaFleur’s ‘jardigans‘).  When it comes to fit though, it’s supposed to be ‘tailored’ according their website, but I found it to be very loose fitting on me.  My stylist sent me my usual size small, but I probably could have gone a size down and been happy.  With the addition of a belt around the waist though, I did end up liking the overall look.  Length-wise, I personally felt it was just a tad too long for me (however, if you’re on the taller side or prefer more conservative lengths that still keep you cool in the spring/summer, this would be a great option!).  And finally, when it comes to color, I’m loving the ‘Alpine Green’ – it looks like a deep ocean blue-green, and is a very sophisticated and refreshing change from the usual navy blue!  (Dry clean only.)

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MM.LaFleur Heritage Belt ($80) – This belt is perfect for pulling in dresses at the waist to create more definition.  I ended up trying this out with the Doris dress above and it instantly transformed the dress from a very relaxed fit, to a more shapely and sophisticated silhouette.  I got this in the color Mahogany (there are ~5 other colors available), which is the perfect rich, red-brown that pairs well with earthy tones like green, beige, deep blues, etc.  I wear a size 27 in jeans and this belt in a size small fit me perfectly around the waist (though for wearing with pants, I’d definitely go a size up).

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MM.LaFleur Felisa 2.0 Dress review 02 MM.LaFleur Felisa 2.0 Dress review 02

MM.LaFleur Felisa Dress ($195) –  This dress is a piece I had specifically requested to try out.  It had caught my attention on the website because of its color (which is in ‘Rainforest’), tailored fit, belted waist, clean v-neckline and of course, the pockets!  My stylists even went the extra mile and sent me two sizes to try out – a size 4 and 6.  The size 4 ended up fitting me like a glove.  Fabric-wise, the material has a nice weight to it without being too thick, and also has a touch of stretch that makes it easy to move around in.  The only downside for me?  The cap sleeves – they stuck out about an inch too much on my shoulders.  On the plus side though, the material is wrinkle-resistant and machine washable!

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MM.LaFleur Winfrey Top

MM.LaFleur Winfrey Top ($110) – This is the perfect ‘casual Friday’ – only slightly elevated – top.  I’d have to agree with the description on their website – it really does feel like you’re wearing a PJ top!  It’s super soft with lots of stretch.  And in terms of fit, it’s somewhat curve-hugging yet still manages to look classy and modest with its high, slightly folded neckline.  The only thing I didn’t find the most flattering on me was the color – I don’t typically wear pastels as they tend to wash me out.  However, I could imagine this color looking amazing on women with tan to deep skin tones.  Size-wise, I got this in a small and it fit exactly as the website describes – it’s slim through the arms and shoulders, and tailored through the body (though, if you have a larger chest, it will likely look more ‘body-hugging’ than tailored from the front, especially with its somewhat clingy fabric).  And speaking of the fabric, this top is hand washable (so there’s no need to take it to the dry cleaner!).

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MM.LaFleur Howland Trouser MM.LaFleur Howland Trouser MM.LaFleur Howland Trouser

MM.LaFleur Howland Trouser ($225) – After trying out MM.LaFleur’s Foster Pant in my first box, I was anxious to try out more pants styles.  (They’ve always been a struggle of mine – especially with my wider hips but slimmer legs, which 9 times out of 10 leads to an awkward gathering of fabric under my rear!)   Anyway, the Foster pants I later decided were a bit too slim-fitting for my taste, so this time my stylist sent me the Howland, which I’m loving.  They feature a more lightweight, flexible crêpe fabric that almost feels like PJ bottoms. They sit at my true waist, fit straight down the leg, and feature non-bulky pockets and a hidden side zipper closure (also designed to prevent bulk).  And best of all, they fit me amazingly well all-around and create the smooth shape I’ve always wanted in the back!  As opposed to the Fosters, which they recommend sizing up in, these fit true to size (I’m wearing a size 4).  And bonus – they’re machine-washable!

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MM.LaFleur Gibson 2.0 Blazer review 01MM.LaFleur Gibson 2.0 Blazer review 01MM.LaFleur Gibson 2.0 Blazer review 01

MM.LaFleur Gibson 2.0 Blazer ($225) – This is the second ‘jardigan’ (aka cardigan and jacket hydrid) that I tried from MM.LaFleur.  I had put in a specific request to try this one out, as I loved its longer, more masculine fit that resembled an upscale boyfriend blazer.  The cardigan-like material is thick with some weight and a touch of stretch, so it’s great for staying warm in cooler offices, yet it also has that more sophisticated, ‘dressed-up’ blazer look that kicks it up a notch.  Shape-wise, I love how it tapers in around the waist, and then flares out a bit around the hip.  It also has bracelet-length sleeves that can easily be pushed up to the elbows (which is how I like to wear it).  I got this in a size small and it fit me perfectly – tailored with a little extra room.  If you have a taller figure/longer torso, I’d highly recommend trying this out!  This only downside for me is that it’s dry-clean only, but considering it’s a layering piece, I don’t expect it will need washed too frequently.

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MM.LaFleur Elara Earrings review

MM.LaFleur Elara Earrings ($155) – And finally, we have one accessory – a pair of modern-looking yet slight delicate dangle earrings in ‘brass’.  They’re surprisingly lightweight and comfortable to wear, yet add that extra little ‘pizzazz’ to an outfit (as you can see in some of the photos above).  I also love the layered look and the length – they’re about 1.75 inches, so they aren’t super swingy or distracting.

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MM.LaFleur Bento Box Review

Overall, I really enjoyed my second MM.LaFleur Bento Box experience!  The quality and fit of the clothes were on par with everything I tried out though my first box.  The fabrics were all extremely comfy and flexible, while also managing to look sleek and modern – like the form-fitting Felisa dress with its classy v-neck and pockets (love!) and the curve-hugging, ultra-soft Winfrey top with its high, delicately gathered neckline.  Another plus is that a lot of the styles I received this time were either machine or hand washable, including the Howland trousers, Winfrey top, and even the Felisa dress!

If you’re looking to invest a few new high-quality pieces for work and don’t have the time (or patience) to do a shopping trip on your own, then I highly recommend trying out MM.LaFleur’s Bento Box!

Try out MM.LaFleur’s Bento Box here!

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What are your thoughts on MM.LaFleur’s clothing and their Bento Box?  Have you tried another similar at-home personal styling service?


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