6 Natural & Organic Beauty Subscription Boxes To Try Out

Petit Vour January 2018 review

As we become more and more aware of the toxic ingredients found in today’s beauty products, many of us are choosing to transition to cleaner, and more ethical alternatives.  The unfortunate thing is that natural and organic beauty products are still somewhat different to come by – not every drugstore, grocery, and department store stocks clean beauty brands – at least not yet.

So where’s a good place to start?  If you have a local health food store close by like Whole Foods, they’ll typically have a small natural beauty counter with testers.  Even still, their selections are often limited, with only 2-4 brands on display (at least, that’s all I’m able to find at my local Whole Foods!).  Alternatively, you could pick up some organic and natural beauty samples online.  The only downside is that the samples can be on the small size, particularly when it comes to skin, body, and hair care.

Then, there are subscription boxes.  In my opinion, they’re one of the best ways to try out a wide range of natural, organic, vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and ethical products, saving you the hassle of having to search/research products online.  Not to mention, subscription boxes make for an exciting little surprise to get in the mail and un-box each month!

So if you’re looking to add some cleaner, greener beauty products to your skincare or makeup routines, here are a few boxes that will introduce you to some amazing products…

Natural & Organic Beauty Subscription Boxes

vegan cuts december 2016 review unboxing

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

Who is it for:  Anyone looking to experiment with budget-friendly, non-toxic products from across the beauty spectrum

Cost: $22.95 per month (U.S.), $31.95 per month (Canada), $37.95 per month (international)

Ships: Worldwide

What’s Inside: 4-7 beauty items; mix of full size and deluxe sample sizes

The Deets: Vegan Cuts Beauty Box is a monthly box that includes a nice variety of beauty items ranging from makeup, hair care, skincare, nail care, and more. All the products are vegan and cruelty-free, and a majority are organic and natural. Inside are both full size and deluxe size products, with an average total value of $40-$60.

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Vegan Cuts Makeup Box

Who is it for:  Makeup lovers looking to refresh their collection each season with new full-sized finds

Cost: $39.95 per quarter (U.S.), $48.95 per quarter (Canada), $54.95 per quarter (international)

Ships: Worldwide

What’s Inside: 4+ makeup products; all full size

The Deets: Vegan Cuts Makeup Box is a quarterly box that features makeup products curated for each season, with the option to customize your color preferences through their Beauty Profile Quiz.  All the products are vegan and cruelty-free, and a majority are organic and natural.  The products are all full-size, and each box has a total value of $70 or more.

**Use coupon code ‘jessica’ to get $5 off your first Vegan Cuts box!**

(Can be used on any subscription box, and any subscription length.  Can also be used on multiple subscriptions to save $5 on each – like a Makeup Box and a Beauty Box – so long as you check them out together.)

Natural, Organic, Vegan Beauty Subscription Box - Boxwalla

PHOTO: Boxwalla


Who is it for:  Skincare lovers looking to swap out 2-3 of their everyday essentials with more plant-based alternatives

Cost: $49.95 bi-monthly (U.S.), $61.90 bi-monthly (Canada), $68.90 bi-monthly (international)

Ships: Worldwide (except for the Food box)

What’s Inside: ~3 beauty items (with a focus on skincare); mix of full size and travel sizes

The Deets: Boxwalla’s Beauty Box is a bi-monthly subscription that brings you non-toxic, nutrient-rich, plant-based beauty products.  All products are cruelty-free.  Boxes feature a mix of both full and travel-sizes, and typically have a total value between $100-150.

Looking to mix things up? Swap the beauty box for one of these options (or sign up for multiple boxes):

  • The Food Box – includes artisanal goodies such as jams, chocolates, coffee, and more
  • The Film Box – contains two films along with inserts with detailed information on each film
  • The Book Box – contains 3 books and a fun book-related product or accessory

april 2016 petit vour unboxing

Petit Vour

Who is it for:  Beauty lovers looking to experiment with a smaller sampling of high-end, plant-based alternatives

Cost: $18 per month (U.S.), $23 per month (Canada), $25 per month (international)

Ships: Worldwide

What’s Inside: 4-5 beauty items; mix of full size and sample sizes

The Deets: Petit Vour is a monthly subscription box that brings you luxury beauty products, ranging from makeup, hair, body, nail, and skincare – with makeup shades and skincare formulas personalized to match your beauty profile. Products are vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic and plant-based. Inside is a mix of sample and full sizes which, on average, value between $45 and $60 total.

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Love Goodly October/November 2017 Review

Love Goodly

Who is it for:  Anyone looking to swap out a few of their beauty and everyday lifestyle products with more non-toxic, ethical alternatives

Cost: $29.95 bi-monthly (US), $44.90 bi-monthly (Canada)

Ships: US & Canada

What’s Inside: 4-5 beauty and lifestyle items; all or at least 4 are full size

The Deets: Love Goodly is a bi-monthly subscription box that features mostly beauty items (primarily makeup, skincare, and body care), with the occasional lifestyle items (1-2 unique jewelry, accessory, home decor, and/or snack items).  Products are non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free.  A majority of the products (at least 4) are full size, and the total box value is always over $80.  Even better, a portion of each sale is donated toward a worthy cause, which you can read about on their site.

Natural, Organic, Vegan Beauty Subscription Box - Nourish

PHOTO: Nourish

Nourish Beauty Box

Who is it for:  Beauty lovers looking to experiment with a mix of non-toxic products from niche brands and artisans

Cost: $29.95 bi-monthly (US), $36.95 bi-monthly (Canada)

Ships: Worldwide

What’s Inside: 4-5 beauty items; all full size

The Deets: Nourish Beauty Box is a monthly subscription box that brings you a variety of items ranging from skincare, makeup, nail care, and more.  Everything inside the box is cruelty-free, vegan, and gluten-free, and non-toxic.  All products are full size, and boxes average at around $75-$100 in value.

Have you tried any of the above boxes? Is there another natural, organic, vegan, and/or cruelty-free box that you love that’s not mentioned here?

*Box prices, shipping prices, shipping countries, and product offerings may change over time.  While I’ll try my best to keep the details up-to-date, please make sure to check the brand’s website for the most current information!


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