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modsy review

Moving to California, even for just a couple of years, has always been on my bucket list.  Between the beautiful weather all year around, and the parks, beaches, and sites nearby, as a nature enthusiast, I was completely drawn to the place.  And so, this past April, my boyfriend and I finally made the move, into a rather humble little abode just south of San Francisco.

Thing is, with sky-high rental prices in this area, we had to settle for something a bit smaller, at least to start out.  We ended up getting a one bedroom apartment with a somewhat tight living space.  We tried our best to optimize the layout in our living room by sectioning off a little ‘office’ using high shelves, and we’re pretty happy with what we had come up with.  The bedroom however was still untouched, save for a bed, two little nightstands, and of course my two essentials – a full-length mirror and vanity table – both temporary pieces that I planned on replacing once we settled on final design.

We were looking to do this re-vamp around fall, but hadn’t put much thought into a particular style or layout quite yet, so it was perfect timing when I discovered Modsy, a virtual room design service.  Their entire process from start to finish gave us the jump-start and resources we needed to plan out our perfect space!

How Modsy’s Virtual Room Design works:

modsy virtual home design service review

 The five simple steps involved in submitting a new Modsy room design project.

  1. Getting Started – The first step is to pick a room that you want to redesign. Then, using your camera (an iPhone works fine too!), take photos and measurements of your space and upload them to your profile.
  2. Find Your Style – Next, you’ll take a quiz and discover your design style!  This feedback will then be used by a Modsy designer when they go to decorate your space.
  3. Project Vision – Next, you’ll provide the designer with your goals for the space, and any key pieces you’d like them to include in the room. (Can’t part with a specific piece that’s already in your space?  Modsy can design around you existing furniture for small fee.)
  4. Design Reveal! – Modsy designers will create a lifelike 3D model of your room to scale, with top-down and 360 views, and provide you with two customized designs based on your preferences and room goals.
  5. Tweak Your Room Until it’s Right – Use Modsy’s 3D Style Editor to swap furniture or try new layouts. Need help? Ask one of their designers to swap, move, or add/remove a piece.
  6. Shop in One Place, At the Best Prices – Once you’re happy with the design, you can shop piece right on their site. Modsy guarantees to find you the lowest price on all your items, plus you can earn discounts when you purchase through Modsy. They’ll even take care of all the ordering logistics!

The project survey – which cover steps 1 through 3 – is laid out in a way that, with just with a click of a button, you can select the pieces you need in your space, all the way to how much you want to spend on each type of item.  Modsy also provides you with plenty of opportunities to add more specific requests along the way (like if you need custom storage solutions, or want to stick with a particular layout).

Probably the most fun I had during the initial project submission process was taking the style quiz.  That’s where I discovered I’m a fan of the ‘Mod Visionary’ look, which combines three styles – Minimalist and Mid-Century Modern with a touch of Transitional.  I love that Modsy didn’t just go with ‘minimalist’ or ‘traditional’, but instead blended styles together, producing a more customized personal style profile.

modsy review -virtual home design service 2

Just one of the steps in Modsy’s comprehensive (and very fun!) style quiz.

When it came down to the specific pieces I wanted to include in my space, I listed five must-haves: a platform bed, a dresser, a rug to surround the bed, and a vanity and mirror.  I also added that I wanted extra storage space for things like clothing, makeup, and other daily essentials.

At the same time, I wanted the overall feel of my bedroom to be a peaceful and calming, with very little clutter.  Considering the limited space in the room, I wasn’t sure if it would be possible for my designer to fit in everything I’d asked, while also maintaining a clean, modern look and a fluid layout with room to walk!  But – spoilers! – to my surprise, my designer managed to do both!  Here’s a look at what they had to work with…

Modsy Before & After

modsy review - personal room design servicemodsy review, before & after - virtual room design service

Within about a week or so after submitting my room project through the Modsy website, I got my designs back and was blown away by how well my designer met my objectives and captured my style!  Both room designs had that ‘feel’ that I was going for – relaxed, minimal, and organized, with lots of natural, earthy elements (something I’d hinted at in my project survey).  She also came up with not one, but two unique layouts that I’d never thought of trying out before.  Here’s a closer look at each one….

Modsy Design #1

Modsy before & after, design 1 (3 of 6Modsy before & after, design 1 (2 of 6)

The first design involves moving my bed over a bit towards the window, which leaves space for a gorgeous wooden vanity (which also serves as a nightstand).  It contains a ton of storage space to conceal all of my makeup and beauty products, between the drawer, upper cabinet, and top shelf.   I also loved the hanging plants and how my designer added even more greenery through the artwork and photos on the wall.

Modsy before & after, design 1 (1 of 6Modsy before & after, design 1 (6 of 6Modsy before & after, design 1 (4 of 6 Modsy before & after, design 1 (5 of 6Surprisingly, this design seamlessly integrates with the design of the rest of our apartment (guess their style quiz is pretty accurate!). We have a very similar rug in the living room, a fabric chair that matches the headboard, and a couple off-white, contemporary furniture pieces that match the dresser.

Modsy Design #2

Modsy before & after, design 2 (4 of 6Modsy before & after, design 2 (5 of 6

This second design is my favorite as it feels the most natural and ‘outdoorsy’.  It has lots of woodsy elements all throughout – from the dresser and full-length mirror, to the minimalist-style platform bed – plus a ton of greenery, including two large plants in the corner (which I’ve always wanted in the bedroom, but never thought would fit!).

Modsy before & after, design 2 (3 of 6Modsy before & after, design 2 (6 of 6 Modsy before & after, design 2 (1 of 6 Modsy before & after, design 2 (2 of 6

My designer also added texture through neutral, woven elements (in the rug, vanity chair, and laundry basket) and some warmth through more modern brass elements. I would have never thought to include the latter had I been designing the room myself!

Functionality-wise, I love that the vanity and dresser were placed side-by-side for easy access (with a nice clear walkway to both!).

Making Tweaks in Modsy’s 3D Style Editor

As the designs serve as starting points to achieving your dream room, Modsy’s Style Editor allows you to make adjustments by swapping, re-orienting, removing or adding pieces into the space.  Although I loved both designs as they were, I decided to have some fun and make a few little tweaks of my own.  I worked on my favorite design – Design 2 – and swapped out a few pieces just to see how other rug colors, lighting, furniture, and accents would look.

modsy review -virtual home design service

A slight ‘tweaking’ of Design #2.

What’s great is that instead of having to sort through thousands of items and match them up, Modsy provides you with a virtual selection of furniture and accents that already fit into the style of your room (and your price point), so there’s not much ‘creative thinking’ involved – just pick an item, place it, and render it to see it in 3D!  It’s so fun getting to see how even the most unique and ‘unexpected’ pieces will fit in a space, and how well they pair up with everything else in the room.

I look forward to playing around with the design a bit more, and then gradually starting to purchase some of the pieces to add to my space.  I’ve also been keeping an eye on the prices too, because Modsy always keeps them up-to-date with the latest sales available across their different partner sites (which include brands like West Elm, Anthropology, Pottery Barn, Wayfair, Pier 1, and more!).  The best part is, now when I go to make my furniture purchases, I’ll have more confidence knowing that everything will fit perfectly into my room (because shipping furniture back can be such a time and money waster!).

modsy review - virtual home design service

Every item in the room design can be easily added to your cart, or swapped out if you want to experiment with different pieces!

After I shared the above designs to my boyfriend, he commented on how he wished he’d learned about Modsy’s design service sooner!  Though we had just recently furnished the living room, we’re thinking about submitting a project for that room now too, just to get a designer’s opinion on how else we might lay out the space (and perhaps get some ideas for future furniture upgrades!).

If you recently moved into a new home and need some inspiration when it comes to designing and budgeting out a new space, I highly recommend giving Modsy a try!  It’s like having your own personal interior designer, at a fraction of the cost, and it’s all done online – from the room submission and designs, to shopping and delivery logistics, with the Modsy team there to assist you every step of the way.

Their base package provides you with everything you see here – a 3D model of your space and 2 custom designs with unlimited revisions.  Plus, you get access to their personalized shopping service and discounts (on top of scoring the lowest online prices) when you shop through Modsy.  If you want to change paint colors, flooring, or other room features, they have add-ons for that too! And for an even more personalized experience, the Modsy Plus package gives you the option to speak one-on-one with a live design consultant.

Ready to get started? Visit Modsy here!

What are your thoughts on Modsy’s virtual home design service?  Is it something you’d be interested in trying out?


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