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evonlae skincare illuminating rebooting night cream

Do we really know how pure and safe the ingredients in our skincare are? It’s hard to be 100% sure when the majority of cosmetic and skincare products on the market are using cosmetic grade ingredients, which do not require any specific testing or FDA approval (1).  According to the FDA’s website, “companies and individuals who manufacture or market cosmetics have a legal responsibility to ensure the safety of their products. Neither the law nor FDA regulations require specific tests to demonstrate the safety of individual products or ingredients. The law also does not require cosmetic companies to share their safety information with FDA.”

While this process (or lack thereof) makes it easier on the beauty companies, it doesn’t help us consumers out when it comes to deciphering what’s the safest, cleanest and most effective.  That’s where food grade (i.e. FDA tested and approved) comes in.  Unlike cosmetic grade, food grade ingredients are checked for safety.  The testing required automatically rules out many of the harmful chemicals and potential irritants that would be harmful to our body, and hence, to our skin. Buying beauty products that use food-grade ingredients also ensures that you’re getting the purest oils and extracts. This means the plants’ living and healing properties remain intact, resulting in more effective skincare formulas that penetrate, balance, and rejuvenate the skin. Evonlae Skincare is one beauty brand that’s embracing these clean and pure ingredients.


evonlae skincare

Evonlae Natural, Food Grade Skincare & Makeup

Evonlae Skincare formulates their skincare with all natural ingredients, of which 95% are food grade.  Through the use of natural, pure, and unaltered plant and nut based oils and butters, their skincare and makeup delivers healing antioxidants, vitamins, and essential fatty acids straight to the skin.  The rich, hydrating oils and butters keep the skin soothed, moisturized, and balanced.

Evonlae’s all-natural, food grade oils and butters come from reputable, USDA certified organic farm and herbal suppliers, while their fragrance oils are purely distilled/extracted from herbs and plants, not chemically modified or synthetic.  Evonlae’s skincare is also free from GMOs, chemical fragrances or colors, hazardous preservatives, nano particles, or other harmful ingredients, plus they’re cruelty-free!

“We choose our ingredients to accomplish the harmony of the Chi(spirit) of your body.” – Dr. Ying Lu, founder

evonlae skincare illuminating rebooting night cream

Evonlae Illuminating Reboot Night Cream

Like it reads on the jar, the Evonlae Illuminating Reboot Night Cream is quite literally ‘natural gourmet food for skin’.  It’s loaded with hydrating oils like coconut, sweet almond, and jojoba oil, plus soothing butters like shea, mango, and cocoa butter.  The luxurious, soothing formula is enriched with antioxidants and vitamins, which work to hydrate, repair, and revitalize. No matter your skin type or condition, this cream soothes, plumps, and gives skin a glowy, luminous look overnight.

Evonlae Illuminating Reboot Night Cream

Full Ingredients: Water, Soybean Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Jojoba Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E Oil, Xanthan Gum, Essential Oil, Fragrance Oil.

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Evonlae Illuminating Reboot Night Cream

The Illuminating Reboot Night Cream works wonders on my skin. I had been struggling with redness and breakouts on my cheeks (thanks to a bad skin reaction from another product), and was amazed to see them both disappear after just two days.  In addition to the cream’s soothing and healing abilities, it deeply hydrates and leaves my combination skin looking incredibly smooth, even, and balanced.  I’m noticing absolutely no new breakouts!  Combine all of that with the healthy, luminous glow it adds to the whole face, and I’m ready to go makeup free again!

Evonlae’s Custom Skincare

In addition to pre-formulated creams like the Evonlae Illuminating Reboot Night Cream, Evolae also offers custom creams that are created to suit your unique skin type and concerns.  They have a short skin analysis survey to get you started, which asks you to provide your skin type, sensitivity, pore size, allergies and overall concerns.

evonlae custom skincare kit

evonlae custom skincare skit

This was my first time trying out a ‘customized’ skincare solution. After sampling a few products, I ended up incorporating a custom-made hydrating serum into my everyday routine.  I love its simple, minimal list of ingredients, which consists of niacinamide (Vitamin B3), hyaluronic acid (derived from rooster comb), water, and vegetable derived glycerin.  It’s amazingly refreshing to know the purpose and origin of each and every ingredient in your skincare!

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