About Me

About Me

I’m Jessica, a 29-year-old currently living in Pennsylvania in the US.  I graduated from Drexel University with a degree in Mathematics, worked in corporate consulting for 3 years, and am now working at a digital marketing agency that my partner and I started up a few years ago.  Starting a business keeps me busy, but fortunately it has also given me the flexibility to start this blog!

Outside of work, my hobbies center around my love for nature and the outdoors. I enjoy everything from hiking and biking, to camping and star gazing.  I also equally enjoy geeking out every now and then by indulging in a fantasy novel, some late-night gaming sessions, or the latest theoretical physics book (Brian Greene thankfully makes them digestible for even a noob like me!).

My love for nature carries into my beauty routine.  When it comes to makeup, I gravitate towards minimal, natural looks. And when it comes to beauty products, I have the same philosophy – the cleaner and simpler the formulations, the better. Since learning about all the toxic, synthetic chemicals that go into today’s most popular beauty products, I’ve been on a journey to find more natural, organic, vegan, and cruelty-free skincare and makeup (which I’ll be featuring a lot more of going forward!).

About the Blog

I created Jessoshii as a way to share my passion for beauty, style, and healthy living, through reviews, tips, looks, and more.  A large majority of my blog focuses on makeup and skincare reviews, which I try to make as informative as possible to help you in your beauty buying – from photos, swatches, product details, ingredients research, and my own personal experience and results.  If you have questions about a particular product or want to request a review, just let me know!

Occasionally, I’ll mix it up and feature jewelry, fashion, health, and other lifestyle-related posts that hopefully inspire you in some way!

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