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Just last week, I shared my current pampering routine.  Well, today we’re going to talk about pampering products – those richly scented, nourishing body and skincare treatments that make the whole ‘spa night in’ worthwhile.

Perfectly Posh is one online store that makes it easy to find pampering treats and goodies. I recently tried out a whole bunch of samples from across their collection – from detoxifying facial masks to hydrating body butters – and wanted to share my mini review of each.  Let’s get started!

Perfectly Posh Review

perfectly post stay gold, cackle spackle, in a new york minute, moisturize 911, and bff face wash

Stay Gold Hydrating Face Mask

Perfectly Posh’s Stay Gold mask looks like gold, and feels equally luxurious.  Turmeric (which gives the mask its golden color) is the key ingredient, and works as a natural skin brightener.  The mask also contains shea butter, milk, and honey which together instantly smooth and hydrate my skin.  It says to leave it on from 10-20 minutes, but I broke the rules and left it on all night and I’m glad I did – the next morning my skin felt balanced, smooth, and super soft, and all my dry patches were gone.

BFF: Best Face Forever Exfoliating Face Wash

Next up is the BFF Exfoliating Face Wash, which is packed with natural, bio-degradable microbeads suspended in a refreshingly minty formula.  It works to both cleanse and exfoliate, which I can really appreciate as it helps to simplify my daily skincare routine.  I love that it’s gentle enough for everyday use too (the particles are small and not too rough). Best of all, BFF’s lightly foaming formula doesn’t strip my skin or leave it feeling tight/dry as it’s free of sulfates (which is a huge plus for my combo skin).

Cackle Spackle Detoxifying Face Mask

Formulated with charcoal powder, volcanic ash, and kaolin clay, the Cackle Spackle mask is one intensive, multi-tasking mask. It deep cleans and clarifies, then tones with spearmint and eucalyptus. I have to say, I’ve become quite addicted to this mask.  Texture-wise, it feels like butter and goes on super smooth, plus it smells and feels refreshing and slightly minty.  Despite being a more intensive mask (it does tingle and sting slightly), it leaves my skin smooth and clear without any irritation/redness. (I have however heard that it can be irritating for sensitive skin types, so I’d suggest trying a sample first like I did and go for a few minutes for your first application.)

perfectly posh Cackle Spackle Detoxifying Face Mask

Trying out Cackle Spackle – don’t I look lovely 😛  I’m starting to see why they gave it that name…

perfectly posh Cackle Spackle Detoxifying Face Mask

Moisturize 911 Caffeinated Face Crème

Moisturize 911 is a daily moisturizer that hydrates and smooths with natural glycerin, plus brightens and tightens with caffeine. The formula feels extremely lightweight and silky, yet it provides a heavy dose of hydration (something that’s pretty rare to come across in skincare – yet super important for those of us with oily/combo skin!).  I love that it melts into the skin almost instantly, and settles to a satin, almost matte finish (making it a great pre-makeup step).  Best of all, it only takes a pea-size amount to cover the whole face (a full size bottle of this would last me forever!).   The scent is so refreshing and citrus-y too – it makes the perfect follow-up to the BFF Face Wash in the mornings.

In a New York Minute Glycolic Face Mask

The In a New York Minute face mask is designed for those of us with busy schedules.  It uses natural glycolic acid to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells to reveal clearer, brighter skin – supposedly in just one minute.  The added aloe vera and cocoa seed butter helps to sooth skin and minimize irritation from the glycolic acid.  I kept the mask on for the max recommended time (5 minutes) and experienced only slight stinging past the 3 minute mark, and a little bit of redness on my cheeks afterwards.  Nothing too bothersome.  (If you have sensitive skin though, I’d recommending staying in the 1-3 minute range.)  After rinsing off, my skin felt much smoother, and my pores looked slightly smaller and tighter too.

perfectly posh samples snarky butter and we put de lime in de coconut

We Put De Lime in De Coconut Body Scrub

The We Put De Lime in De Coconut body scrub uses both sugar and sea salt to scrub away dry skin.  Add in the lime essential oil, and you’ve got an exfoliating, cleansing, plus blemish/imperfection treating triple-action scrub. While it’s definitely too rough to use on the face, I love using this on my legs – it smooths away dry spots with almost no effort and preps them for a super close shave.  The best part is the smell – it’s so juicy and fresh – like a mini vacation in a jar!

perfectly posh we put de lime in de coconut

We Put De Lime in De Coconut body scrub

Snarky Butter

Perfectly Posh’s Skindelicious Body Butters are top sellers in the Posh world – they’re known for being super rich moisturizers that also smell amazing.  Their moisturizing abilities come from shea butter, almond, milk, and honey. The Snarky Butter version I tried out has an exotic scent that lingers for several minutes after applying it. The cream itself soaks in quickly, is non-greasy, and provides a good 10+ hours of hydration.  I love using it on my legs after using the body scrub above and then shaving – it adds a pretty sheen and leaves them feeling super smooth to the touch.  A little goes a long way, so a full-size tube I imagine would last a long time!  And at $12 for a whopping 10 oz, it’s a seriously great value.

perfectly posh snarky butter

Snarky Butter feels just as silky as it looks!

perfectly posh samples bath bombs, castaway coconut snarky bar

Key Lime Pie Big Fat Yummy Hand Crème

This non-greasy hand cream is formulated with coconut oil, vitamin E, aloe, and apricot kernel oil to provide a healthy dose of hydration. I love that it’s fast absorbing, and leaves my hands feeling instantly softer and smoother. Honestly, the Key Lime Pie scent has me hooked – it’s sweet and tangy, and smells just like the real thing.  I can smell everything from the tarty key lime, to the graham cracker crust!  If this were made into a body butter, I’d go crazy!

Castaway Coconut Snarky Bar

Castaway Coconut is formulated with shea butter and creamy coconut to moisturize, and glycolic acid and coarse sugar scrubbing beads to exfoliate.  The sugar bits are spread all throughout the bar (you can see just how many there are on the surface in the photo below), and they intensely exfoliate, removing dry, dead skin from even the toughest spots.   It is not recommended for the face because of how rough it is, and frankly I also found it to be way too rough for even the arms and legs. However, for the feet, it works wonders.

perfectly posh coconut castaway snarky bar

Bath Bombs (Spicy Chai Latte & Berry)

Perfectly Posh’s bath bombs contain nourishing oils and butters to help lock in moisture while you bathe.  The Chai Latte bath bomb also contains witch hazel to help cleanse the skin.  These little guys are the perfect size for a one-time use (they’re about 1/4 the size of a Lush bath bomb), and add a very light scent to the bath water. (They’re also glitter free and don’t leave a residue on the tub.)  A bag of 6 is $13, so that puts them at roughly $2 a piece.  Since there was nothing really special about these, I think I’ll be sticking to Lush’s bath bombs (which are around the same price per ounce), or my own homemade ones.

perfectly posh bath bomb berry

Final Thoughts

After trying out quite a variety of Perfectly Posh products, I can now say I’m hooked. Between the high quality, natural ingredients they use and the overall effectiveness of their products (which was a huge surprise for me by the way, considering they markets them more for pampering rather than for their skincare benefits), I can already see myself replacing some of my current favorites with ones from Posh.  If I had to choose, the stand-outs for me included the Moisturize 911 Caffeinated Face Crème, Cackle Spackle Face Mask, Stay Gold Face Mask, and Key Lime Pie Hand Crème. Best of all, the scents are amazing – they basically turn your regular bath time or skincare routine into a mini spa session, and honestly make it hard for me to go back to my regular body lotions and skincare products!

Update:  After writing this review, I ended up ordering a few more products from Perfectly Posh, including:

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