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pampering spa routine

Sometimes we just need to take a little ‘me time’ to relax and rejuvenate our body, mind, and soul.  For me, that time usually falls around ‘that time of the month’ when I’m not entirely looking or feeling my best, and need that extra little boost.  Lately, I’ve found the best way for me to relax, re-center, and get that glow back, is a good ol’ pampering sesh!

So once a month, I’ll take a trip to the store to grab all the little essentials.  Lately, I’ve been hitting up my local Walmart – they have all the little ‘monthly’ essentials I need to help me feel more confident (and it doesn’t hurt that their prices are great too, for us budget-conscience gals).  For my pampering routine, I like to pick up some bath bombs or bubble bath, little candles, a new magazine or nail polish, and maybe some chocolate treats.  Then it’s on to an evening of pampering!

If you’re ever in need of a little ‘me time’, I absolutely recommend blocking off an evening for a spa night in. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to recreate my routine if you need some ideas!

Pampering Routine How-To

pampering evening essentials candles (

Set the Atmosphere

To kick off an evening of pampering, light plenty of candles to set the atmosphere, play your favorite music in the background, and get the tub filling!  When it comes to relaxing lighting, I love to grab a bunch of tea light candles or votives (preferably not in a glass container, but sometimes you gotta work with what you’ve got!), and place a bunch all around my tub.  Then I’ll put some larger candles on the sink, and a few in safe places around the floor. For music, a Bluetooth speaker is a great option, or wireless headphones.

pampering evening essentials facial mask
pampering evening essentials facial mask

Facial Time

Since hormones during this time of the month can do crazy things to the skin, it’s time for a deep treatment!  From sheet masks to charcoal, clay, kale, pumpkin, and more – there are so many options to choose from.  Sheet masks are great for keeping on while you soak, while the clay and charcoal masks are better done pre-bath (they do tend to dry up too quickly and can turn out to be more of an annoyance to keep on during your bath).  Here, I’m using one that combines charcoal and clay, which dries in about 5 minutes, so off it comes before moving on to the bath.

pampering evening essentials magazine and bath bomb

Grab the Goodies, Relax & Soak

Once the facial treatment is complete, the bath should be all ready – well, almost.  To create a more spa-like bath experience, throw in a scented bath bomb, essential oil, or bubble bath.  For extra conditioning, add a small spoonful of coconut oil – it works wonders on the skin!

Sometimes it’s nice to just soak and enjoy the peace and quiet, but if you’re like me and get bored easily, grab a magazine, book, or your journal and get reading/writing. Or just listen to music and sing along. 😉  Ahhh…time to soak and relax…

pampering evening essentials scrub

Get Scrubbing

The second half of the bath is where the body treatments come in.  It’s time to grab the grainiest and yummiest smelling scrub to smooth away those dry spots and renew your skin. Be sure to concentrate on the drier areas like the knees, elbows, legs, arms, and the back. This is great prep before shaving the legs, too, which I’ll typically do next.  Once the skin is polished and smooth, it’s time to hop out of the bath and lock in that hydrated skin!

pampering evening essentials body lotion


Once you’re out of the tub and while your skin is still slightly wet, apply creams all over, or at least on any dry areas, and the legs and arms. Go for a yummy, scented lotion to keep the relaxing, spa-feeling going!

pampering routine

Mani Time

Freshly manicured nails can make all the difference!  That’s why the last step in my pamper routine is to give the nails my full attention.  I’m talking the whole routine – polish removal, hand cream, cuticle cream, a little cuticle push, then clip, file, and polish the nails. It’s going to be awhile, so grab some calming tea and get your favorite show going.  I like to drink Kava tea (it gets me all relaxed and ready for bed), while catching up on of my favorite Youtubers’ videos – maybe learning a makeup trick or two in the process. 😉  By the time the tea kicks in and the nails are dry, you’ll be ready to doze off to sleep, while feeling all pretty and prepped for the next day!

kotex style n store pads

Face the Day

To keep that confidence going strong all throughout the rest of the week, I rely on my favorite U by Kotex® pads.  They offer security and comfort, all wrapped up in, quite literally, the prettiest package.

Speaking of packaging, I love how they’re always changing things up and adding features that make things a little bit easier for us girls – like their new Style N’ Store packs. They’re discreet and actually look more like fancy tissue boxes with modern and bright designs.  They also have a cute little drawer feature that makes them incredibly easy to stack, store, and pull out whenever you need them!

kotex style n store pads

Taking some time out of my busy schedule for some good ol’ pampering ‘me time’ makes all the difference when it comes to feeling confident and renewed during my period!

What matters to you when it comes to staying confident and happy during that time of the month?  Do you indulge in little pampering routines or have other activities you look forward to?  Share your thoughts below on #WhatMattersToU!





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