Lush Twilight Bath Bomb Review & Demo

Lush Twilight Bath Bomb Demo

If you follow you blog, you may have seen the post about my first Lush haul, where I picked up a few of Lush’s bath bombs to try out for the first time.

Well, today, I wanted to review and demo what has become my favorite Lush bath bomb (so far, at least).  It’s the Lush Twilight bath bomb, and it’s the perfect bath bomb if you’re looking for a relaxing (and enchanting!) ‘bedtime bath’.  Find out why below!

Lush Twilight Bath Bomb Demo

My Lush Twilight Bath Bomb Review

A Dreamy Scent…

The Lush Twilight bath bomb starts off with an explosion of the most dreamy, comforting scent.  It’s warm, calming, and slightly sweet.  Although Lush’s website lists Lavender Oil as the featured ingredient, it definitely doesn’t take center-stage.  Twilight also contains three other oils – Benzoin Resinoid (produces a candy-like sweetness) , Tonka Absolute (creates a warmer, nutty-sweet scent), and Ylang Ylang Oil (a floral scent).  Together, they form the most amazing fragrance, with a nice balance of each.

Here’s how the Lush Twilight bath bomb works to get you in that sleepy-time mood, according to Lush’s website:

  • Herbal tonic: Lavender acts as nature’s melatonin to relax your mind for a more restful sleep.
  • Bedtime story: Take the bitter edge off of sleeplessness with sweet tonka absolute, vanilla’s saucier cousin.
  • Comforting and relaxing: Twilight has a slow-paced froth, it bobs about in the tub releasing its sweet scent.

Lush Twilight Bath Bomb Demo

And Water like the Night Sky…

The Lush Twilight bath bomb adds the most beautiful color to your bath water.  It starts off pink, then as the bath bomb opens up, it spews out blue, which, when mixed with the pink, creates a gorgeous blue-purple color that’s reminiscent of the night sky.  The next little surprise are some very fine specks of silver glitter that float around on and in the water.  The result the most magical looking pool of night sky and twinkling stars.

If you look closely at the photo below, you can make out some of the glitter that’s floating on the top of the water, particularly around the left side, and on the bottom of the photo.

Lush Twilight Bath Bomb Demo

Where’s that Silky Smooth Skin?

Unfortunately, Twilight is not the most moisturizing bath bomb.  The Avobath is probably your best bet if you’re looking for a nice skin treatment.  It contains fresh avocado and organic extra virgin olive oil, while the Twilight bath bomb appears to contain no oils or moisturizing ingredients, besides maybe the fragrance oils themselves (do they count?).

Lush Twilight Bath Bomb Demo

And finally, the Clean Up…

One thing to note is that the glitter does tend to stick to skin, so you’ll want to do a quick rinse off once you’ve finished your bath (or leave it on if that’s your thing – I know I did, even though it just got all over my bed!).

As for the bath tub clean-up, you don’t really have to worry with this one.  I didn’t have a problem with staining or excess glitter around the tub (which is great, because who wants to worry about that right before bedtime?).

Overall, for the scent and gorgeous bath water alone, I’m hooked on Twilight.  It’s become my go-to bath bomb for evening baths!

Have you tried Lush bath bombs?  Which one is your favorite?


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