My Nighttime Routine & Essentials

my just before bedtime routine

Once the TV, iPhone, and laptop are all powered down and out of reach, and my bathroom and skincare routine complete, I’ll turn to a few simple pleasures before dozing off…

Le Couvent Des Minimes Eau Sereine Relaxing Pillow Mist review

To help switch my mind into sleepy-time mode, I’ll start by spritzing Le Couvent Des Minimes Eau Sereine Relaxing Pillow Mist on my pillow and bed.  I’ve gone through quite a few pillow sprays, but this one from Eau Sereine is my favorite.  It has a very airy, fresh scent, with notes of relaxing lavender topped with juicy mandarin. It makes me feel like I’m floating among the clouds. 🙂

Next up are a few quick ‘beautifying’ rituals, starting with my hair. If the next day happens to be a non-wash day, I’ll sprinkle in some dry shampoo (I prefer the all-natural, non toxic kinds) at the roots to help refresh and soak up oilies while I sleep. I’ll then pull all my hair up into a super high ponytail and tie it with a loose satin scrunchy to help add volume as well as create some ‘lift’ at my roots. This also helps minimize pillow friction, meaning less frizzies come morning!

my just before bedtime routineNext, I’ll apply my favorite lip treatment from Ever Skincare called Smooth.  It’s a super soothing, cocoa butter-scented balm that’s packed with nourishing butters and oils.  It melts into the lips on contact, and keeps even my super dry lips moisturized and smooth all night long – a feat that not many balms can achieve!

Another little trouble area for me is my feet – they tend to get dry and itchy as they heat up under the covers.  So it was heaven sent when Glossybox included Aromafloria’s For Feet’s Sake Spa Foot Butter in last month’s box – I’ve been using it ever since. It absorbs super fast, is non-greasy (huge plus!), and leaves my feet feeling instantly soft and moisturized. Bonus: The mint oils create a tingly-cool sensation on the skin that lasts a good 20 minutes!

When I need a little hydration elsewhere, like my hands, arms, etc, I’ll grab my favorite all-over moisturizer – Sleepy by Lush.  With its warm, gingerbread-like scent, it takes me one step closer to dreamland.

Once the air is filled with notes of lavender, mandarin, and gingerbread, I’ll jump into bed and grab my Kindle and continue reading whichever book is in my queue.  Nine times out of ten it is something in the fantasy/romance/historical/science fiction realm.  (My favorite tend to have the first three, or all four ;))  At the moment, I’ve been finishing up The Beauty of Darkness by Mary E. Pearson, and next up is A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas which I’m super anxious to start.  As my eyes start to close, I’ll set the Kindle on my nightstand and drift off to sleep…


 What are some of your nighttime essentials?


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