Pamper Time Essentials: The Sky Organics Bubble Box

Sky Organics Bubble Box Review - March 2018 (1 of 1)-3

While it may be warming up outside now that spring is here, I don’t foresee an end to my weekly bath retreats anytime soon.  And I have Sky Organics’ Bubble Box to thank for that!  They’ve been keeping my bathroom stocked with all the relaxing ‘me time’ essentials…

The Sky Organics Bubble Box

If you’re new to Sky Organics, they’re an up-and-coming natural and organic beauty brand that handcrafts a wide variety of bath, body, and skincare products (many of which I use in my DIY projects.)  They started crafting bath bombs sets last year (which I couldn’t get enough of!), and then more recently, they got the genius idea to create a subscription box full of bath and shower treats called the Bubble Box.

How it works is, at the start of every month, Sky Organics curates a unique box of colorful, fun, and deliciously scented bath and shower goodies.  They include one bath bomb, one shower steamer, and one bubble bath scoop, along with a fourth ‘surprise’ item (i.e. enough for one spa-like retreat per week!). For $16.95 per month, they’ll deliver these goodies straight to your door.  Or you can order a one-off box for $19.25 whenever you need to restock the essentials.

Sky Organics Bubble Box Review - March 2018

Sky Organics Bubble Box Review - March 2018

Each box is themed around the holidays/seasons/other special events going on in that particular month.  The December box, for example, was filled with warm and cozy winter-inspired fragrances like pumpkin apple butter and peppermint, while February’s box was themed around Valentine’s Day and featured a Cupids Kiss Mini Bath Cake, Roses Are Red Heart Bath Bomb, and more.  (Some of which you can see in the photo above – I’ve been stockpiling them while I finish off the last of my Lush bath bombs!)

The best part is that everything inside the box is 100% natural, cruelty-free, and hand-crafted in the USA using high quality, skin-loving ingredients.

Here’s take a look inside their most recent box for March

Sky Organics Bubble Box Review - March 2018 (1 of 1)-3

Sky Organics Bubble Box Review - March 2018 (1 of 1)-12

Sky Organics March 2018 Bubble Box

The March 2018 box was themed ‘Luck of the Irish’ and filled with four refreshing, zesty scented treats, perfect for springtime.  Here’s a quick rundown of everything inside:

  1. Ginger Citrus Bath Bomb – Drop this in your bath to add a little fizz and color to the water while you surround yourself with the scent of bergamot, fresh ginger, cedar, and sandalwood.
  2. Funfetti Heart Bath Bomb – Another fizzy treat featuring colorful confetti, topped off with the scent of green tea and cream.
  3. Gummy Bear Bubble Scoop – Pop this candy-scented scoop into your tub for a relaxing bubble bath.
  4. Eucalyptus Shower Steamer – Don’t have time for a bath? Set this steamer next to the drain and let the aromatic, eucalyptus-infused steam fill your shower.

Sky Organics Bubble Box Review - March 2018 (1 of 1)-3

Ginger Citrus Bath Bomb

Sky Organics Bubble Box Review - March 2018

Funfetti Heart Bath Bomb / Gummy Bear Bubble Scoop

Sky Organics Bubble Box Review - March 2018 (1 of 1)-11

Eucalyptus Shower Steamer  / Funfetti Heart Bath Bomb / Gummy Bear Bubble Scoop

In a world of beauty and fashion subscription boxes galore, Sky Organics Bubble Box stands out to me because its handcrafted, high quality, unique, and most importantly – something I know many of us will actually use (maybe a little too quickly!). 😉

If you’re looking to treat yourself and keep you bathroom forever stocked for your next ‘me time’ ritual, I highly recommend trying out a box.  It also makes a great gift for friends and family too if you’re looking to spoil someone special. 🙂

Check out more from Sky Organics over on Amazon, and at Walmart (where they just recently launched!).

Do you enjoy bath bombs, bubble bars, or shower steamers?  What’s your favorite?


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