FOREO LUNA mini 2 Review | Save The Sea Special Edition

LUNA Mini 2 save the sea special edition

Need a reason to start investing in a skincare device? Well, here’s one to look into –  FOREO launch of the LUNA mini 2 Save The Sea Edition. Not only does this device enhance your skincare routine, it also helps save oceans and marine life!

FOREO’s LUNA mini 2 Save The Sea Edition looks and functions the same as the LUNA mini 2 cleansing devices, only there’s one big difference – all net proceeds from the sales of this product will be donated to FOREO’s Board of Ocean Conservation charity partners. The first is GreenWave, a group that developed a new method of ocean farming designed to restore ocean ecosystems and mitigate climate change.  The second is Sea Life Trust, a group dedicated to protecting the world’s oceans and marine life.  To symbolize these efforts, FOREO designed their Save The Sea Edition to be bright blue, with tiny sea turtles on the front side.

LUNA Mini 2 save the sea special edition

FOREO LUNA mini 2 Features & Benefits

FOREO’s LUNA mini 2 features a convenient, compact design, making it great for travel, and it’s waterproof so you can use anywhere – even in the shower.  It also does not require replacement batteries (you simply charge it through USB), and lasts up to five months on a single charge.

Now let’s talk skincare benefits.  The FOREO LUNA mini 2 is suitable for cleansing every skin type – from sensitive to oily skin.  Whereas the full-size LUNAs have just the one side of touch-points that are sized for specific skintypes, the mini 2 is more versatile as it offers two different cleansing sides.

LUNA Mini 2 save the sea special edition
On the front side, the FOREO LUNA mini 2 has thinner touch-points to gently cleanse sensitive, dry, and normal skin.  It also features a small group of thicker touch-points at the very top for more precise cleansing (this works particularly well for hitting target areas around the nose).

LUNA Mini 2 save the sea special edition

To compare it with the full-size LUNAs, this side is matches closest to the LUNA 2 for Sensitive Skin.  I find it be very gentle, thanks to the finer touch-points, but also appreciate the larger and stiffer touch-points at the tip that offer just enough intensity and control, right where you want it, without taking up too much area on the cleansing pad. I have combination skin (with a history if it also being quite sensitive to cleansing devices, particularly the Clarisonic), so I’ll use this front side for cleansing 90% of my face.  Before I’m all done, I’ll concentrate the top touch-points around my nose and tops of cheeks, where my skin is the oiliest.

LUNA Mini 2 save the sea special edition
On the reverse side, the FOREO LUNA mini 2 features much larger, wider, and stiffer touch-points for channeling pulsations more directly to the pores, hence providing a better cleanse for oilier skin-types.  They are the same size as the top touch-points on the front of the device, but are slightly shorter and hence, less flexible.  I personally find this side to be a bit rough for my skin and tend to use it only on my chin (where I get pimples most often).  However, if you have less sensitive skin, this side can really come in handy thanks to its unique curvature that fits especially well around the nose/tops of the cheeks.

No matter which side you use, the LUNA mini 2 deeply cleanses skin with up to 8,000 T-Sonic pulsations per minute, all channeled through nonabrasive silicone touch-points, resulting in a deep and thorough cleanse that beats using just your fingers.

LUNA mini vs LUNA mini 2

The LUNA mini 2 is actually an updated version of the original LUNA mini.  While I haven’t tested out the original LUNA mini, I have compared the full-size LUNA with the LUNA 2.  Both of the new (‘2′) devices have many of the same improvements, all of which greatly enhance the devices’ cleansing abilities. Here’s a snapshot of all the latest updates you get with this device:

  • Brush surface area is bigger than the LUNA mini’s.  This enables the device to cover a larger surface area of skin, hence providing a more efficient cleansing.
  • The touch-points are 26% longer than the LUNA mini’s to allow for more flexibility when the touch-points make contact with the skin.  (This prevents any pulling or stretching on the skin, hence preserving the skin’s natural elasticity.)
  • Touch-points are also much narrower, enabling them to reach areas of your face that are typically hard to cleanse.
  • Now features eight intensity settings that you can adjust to based on your comfort preferences.
  • New motor that is 2x as powerful as the LUNA mini’s.  This allows the pulsations to dislodge more impurities from the pores for a deeper cleanse, while still remaining gentle on the skin

LUNA Mini 2 save the sea special edition

Overall, if you’re on the market for a new skincare device, the LUNA mini 2 Save the Sea Edition is a great place to start.  The fact that it funds charities like GreenWaves and Sea Life Trust makes for an investment that you can feel good about, with the sea turtles as a small daily reminder of the efforts you’re helping to support.  The Save the Sea Edition is available on FOREO’s websiteNow sold out, but you can still pick up the non-charity edition here.

LUNA Mini 2 save the sea special edition

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