FOREO LUNA 2 Review | How Does It Compare to the Original LUNA?

foreo luna 2 for sensitive skin normal

When it comes to cleansing your skin, sometimes our hands just don’t cut it.  Since I first starting using the FOREO LUNA, I haven’t been able to go back to regular cleansing.  Even a quick test using a pad and toner can show the difference in the deep down clean that you get – using only my fingers, I saw leftover makeup and dead skin, whereas using my LUNA, I saw nothing leftover on the pad.  Within the first couple weeks, my pores were clearer, skin was smoother, and I experienced less congestion and breakouts overall.  It’s no wonder that it has claimed a permanent spot in my skincare routine!

foreo luna 2

Then, quite recently, FOREO introduced their latest LUNA – the FOREO LUNA 2.  I was curious about the difference between the two, and how much of an improvement there was over the original LUNA – was it significant enough to warrant purchasing the new one if you already had the original LUNA?  After using the LUNA 2 for two weeks now, I’ve noticed a lot of similarities, along with some notable differences, which I’m going to cover in more detail for you.  So if you have been wanting to try the LUNA but aren’t sure which one to pick up, or you have an original one and are wondering whether you should go for the newest version, hopefully this will help in your decision.

foreo luna 2 vs original luna 1 for sensitive normal skin

FOREO Original LUNA vs LUNA 2

Both LUNAs are available in different versions for specific skin types. The LUNA is available in three versions, including one for: combination skin, sensitive/normal skin, and ultra-sensitive skin.  The LUNA 2 versions vary slightly by offering a few more options  – they’ve essentially eliminated the ultra-sensitive, created a separate sensitive version, and added an oily skin version.  The versions available include: oily, combination, normal, and sensitive.  As you can see in the photos, I am comparing the LUNA for Sensitive/Normal Skin (pink) with the LUNA 2 for Sensitive Skin (purple).

foreo luna 2 vs original luna for sensitive normal skin

Similarities Between the FOREO LUNA & LUNA 2

Both models have the same key features that make this cleansing device so effective.  They use a combination of T-Sonic pulsations and silicone touch-points to gently exfoliate dead skin cells, unclog pores, remove dirt and oil, and improve the absorption of your other skin care products.  They each provide 8000 T-Sonic vibrations per minute to deep cleanse the skin.  The back side of each device features an anti-aging side that uses lower-frequency pulsations to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and firm and lift the skin.

The cleansing and anti-aging process works the same for both LUNAs – first, you wet your face and apply cleanser, then you turn on the LUNA and use it on the four main areas of your face, then rinse off the cleanser and use the anti-aging side.  The duration of each mode is the same: the cleansing mode lasts for 1-minute (each with slight pauses that let you know when to move to the next area of your face), and the anti-aging mode also lasts for 1-minute.

The uses per charge, waterproof design, and warranty are the same. Both the original and new version have amazing battery life and last you up to 450 uses per charge. The devices are waterproof so you can use them in the shower or bath.  Finally, both devices come with a 2-year limited warranty (protects you against defects due to faulty workmanship/materials) and a 10-year quality guarantee (makes owners eligible to purchase a new device from for 50% of the listed price should a manufacturing defect be discovered). Both brushes come with authenticity cards that you can use to register your LUNA on FOREO’s website.

foreo luna 2 for sensitive skin normal

Differences Between the FOREO LUNA & LUNA 2

The key differences between the original LUNA and the LUNA 2 come out in the 1) design of the brush head, and 2) the speed intensities. Let’s go over each of these differences in more detail.

The original LUNA has 8 different speeds while the LUNA 2 has a range of 12. This is a nice little ‘extra’ feature that brings you even more options when it comes to finding the right mode to suit your skin sensitivity.

The most notable difference between the original and the LUNA 2 is the size of the brush area. As you can see in the photos, the LUNA 2’s brush area is 50% larger than the original. That means more touch-points are on the face at one time, which translates to a more thorough cleanse.

foreo luna 2 vs original luna for sensitive normal skin

The silicone touch-points are also longer and therefore more flexible than the ones on the original.  This makes a huge difference – for starters, because the pads aren’t as stiff on the LUNA 2, they feel gentler and softer on the skin.  The touch-points also extend more easily into the tighter corners of the face, particularly around the nose.

The reverse anti-aging side of the LUNA 2 is also much larger and also more pronounced.  With the LUNA 2, you’re able to cover a larger area of the face. Additionally, the ‘rings’ that send the pulsations to your skin extend further out from the device for even better targeting.

Another interesting difference is their level of noise.  The original LUNA is quite a noisy little gadget and lets out a higher pitched noise on its highest speeds, whereas the LUNA 2 seems to absorb a lot of the residual noise from the pulsations, and sounds slightly more muted than the original.

Size-wise, the devices are almost exactly the same in dimensions and weight. The LUNA 2 is slightly taller and wider, but not by much, and feels just a tad heavier.

Finally, there is a slight price difference. The original LUNA retails for $169, while the LUNA 2 comes in at a slightly higher price of $199.

foreo luna 2 vs original luna for sensitive normal skin


Overall, it’s clear that there are some definite improvements in the FOREO LUNA 2 over the original.  Does that mean you should upgrade if you already own the original LUNA?  In my opinion, the answer depends on whether or not the new LUNA 2 versions (oily, combination, normal, and sensitive) will provide a better and more personalized experience for your specific skin-type over the originals.

For example, if you have sensitive skin and found the original LUNA sensitive/normal version to be too rough, but the ultra-sensitive to be too gentle, you may want to consider picking up the FOREO LUNA 2 for Sensitive Skin – it offers a great new ‘in-between’ pad that incorporates the silicon touch-points (unlike the original LUNA for Ultra-Sensitive Skin – the white one), while feeling much gentler than the original LUNA Sensitive/Normal version. (I can personally attest to that, and have heard similar experiences in the reviews online).

The LUNA 2 also offers a completely new version made specifically for those with oily skin.  It has a unique set of touch-points that are rectangular based instead of circular.  The LUNA 2 for Oily Skin (the mint/teal one) may be something worth looking into if you felt the original LUNA for Combination skin wasn’t providing a deep enough clean.

Other than those two new versions, if you already own the original LUNA and it’s working for you, then there’s no immediate need to upgrade – the original still provides an excellent, deep cleanse.

If you’re completely new to the FOREO LUNA and aren’t sure which one to pick up, I’d recommend going for the FOREO LUNA 2.  You may be paying a bit extra, but the latest improvements – including the larger cleaning surface and more flexible touch-points – are absolutely worth it.

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