My Top Fashion Picks for Fall

fall 2015 fashion picks
From left to right: Holding Horses Wind-Washed Chambray Shirt / Wayf Faux Suede Skirt / Free People Slub-Knit Back-Cutouts Top / Michael Kors Leather 3/4-Sleeve Jacket / Treasure&Bond High Rise Flare Jeans / Hinge ‘Drea’ Peep Toe Leather Sandal

It’s mid-Summer, and you know what that means – time to start planning your wardrobe for Fall!  And just like this year’s Summer style, 70’s fashion trends are making a comeback for the Fall 2015 season as well. Styles like high-waisted jeans, faded denim, suede skirts, and even flared and bell bottom jeans are growing in popularity once again. Personally, I’m a fan of the softer tones and slightly more-relaxed fitting clothing of the 70’s, plus it’s a refreshing change from the ol’ black skinny jeans and black leather jackets that have been the norm for the past 6+ years. So after browsing the internet for some Fall wardrobe inspiration, I pulled together some of the keys pieces that I think fit perfectly with this year’s 70’s fashion trend.

Holding Horses Wind-Washed Chambray Shirt – I love the worn look of this button up shirt.  It’s also quite versatile in that it works with both dark denim flares, or even tucked into different colored skirts.  You can also wear it buttoned up one day, and then open over a tank top the next day!

Wayf Faux Suede Skirt  – This is a gorgeous camel colored skirt in a sort of A-line shape.  To me, it’s a more sophisticated version of a mini skirt, and really captures that 70’s vibe with the color, shape, fabric, and detailing.

Free People Slub-Knit Back-Cutouts Top – This is a classic piece.  I love the look of a black slub tee paired with flares (and accessorized with platform sandals, cuff bracelets, and slouchy bag!). The top is especially fun for its cut-out back design, which looks great layered over a tank or cami.

Michael Kors Leather 3/4-Sleeve Jacket –  Another gorgeous piece in a camel color (I’m loving this shade right now!).  It’s quite feminine with its fitted shape, slight crop, and minimal detailing.  (I’m currently on the lookout for a slightly less expensive version myself!)

Treasure&Bond High Rise Flare Jeans  – Flared jeans are finally making a comeback! While I’ll always love skinnies for their versatility (you can turn them into ankle pants in a sec, and tuck them into boots with ease), I do love the silhouette of a pair of flares.  These jeans in particular have just the right amount of flare/almost bell-bottom shape to fit the 70’s trend.

Hinge ‘Drea’ Peep Toe Leather Sandal– I would classify this as a sort of transitional piece from Summer to Fall.  I love everything about these sandals – from the lace-up front to the wooden block heel.  These styles tend to make your feet look smaller and narrower, plus they look great with skirts and flared/skinny/ankle jeans!

What are your top wardrobe pieces for Fall 2015?

  • I’m loving all your picks! So much lovely camel 🙂


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