Fall & Winter Outerwear Wishlist

Fall 2015 ASOS Coats & Jackets Wishlist
Boohoo Wool Bomber / ASOS Jersey Bomber Jacket / Vero Moda Suede Biker Jacket
River Island Check Coat / Just Female Wood Kimono Coat / Faux London Faux Fur Midi Coat

I love basics – throw me a tee, some jeans, a few accessories, and I’m all set. Even when it’s colder out, I like to stick with my favorite tees, and luckily, I can usually get away with it by pairing them with layers, like plaid flannel button downs, light jackets, and even heavier coats in the colder months.  On top of that, I’m a huge fan of simple, minimal looks; especially those that involve a pair of black pants, a white tee, and black boots.  And once Fall and Winter rolls around, I’ll typically throw a comfortable yet stylish coat/jacket into the mix to pull my outfits together.  What I’ll try to look for are jackets and coats that add an extra touch of color, or some interesting textures, accents, or patterns. So, like every year around this time, I did a little ‘window-shopping’ and picked out a few of my absolute favorites!

Jackets (top row) – The first two are casual, comfy bomber jackets that you can keep on all day.  I love the contrasting details of the first bomber (plus it’s wool!), and the rich camel color of the second.  The third jacket on the top row is a gorgeous black suede jacket that I’ve been eyeing for some time now – its structured and fitted, plus it’s got that 70’s vibe going – so cool!

Coats (bottom row) – Fur on a coat just adds that extra bit of luxury and sophistication, don’t you think?  I sure do, which is why I picked out three. 🙂 Starting with the burgundy coat – this one features a subtle grid pattern and matching burgundy fur around the collar.  Next is a black and white long line coat – its fur-like texture adds a sort of soft yet sophisticated touch to it (to me, it almost resembles a flannel ‘shirt-turned-coat’).  And lastly, I couldn’t leave out ‘the (faux) fur coat‘, you know, to go with the whole 70’s trend.  They honestly look so comfy that I’d probably leave it on all day long – and keep touching it too… 🙂

What are your favorite jacket and coat trends for the Fall ’15/Winter ’16 season?


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