Stitch Fix Review – July 2013 (Box #1)

stitch fix review and unboxing

My First Stitch Fix Review & Unboxing

This is my very first Stitch Fix review and unboxing! Stitch Fix is a “personal shopper” clothing subscription box that gets delivered on a monthly basis.  This was my first month trying it out at the cost of $20 per box.

Included in my box were three sleeveless shirts, one dress, and one necklace. They definitely took note of my request for sleeveless shirts (that’s all I wear in the summer!), but overall I have to say the styling and quality fell short.  Let’s start by taking a look at the items that were sent in my first Stitch Fix box:

stitch fix review of the clothing

1. (Top left) Emari Button-Up Neck-Tie Tank – $58 – This was just…not…my…style. It does fall under my request for button-up sleeveless shirts though!

2. (Top right) Alcott Crossfront Open Back Top – $78 – Again, this was just too big on me, and I wasn’t impressed with the feel and quality of the fabric. Otherwise, the style and color were perfect.

3. (Bottom left) Zanzi Mesh Detail Floral Print Tank – $38 – This was the only piece that I considered purchasing. I liked the color and style, but the fit was off (which may have been my fault though – I’m in between sizes and chose the larger one of the two – oh well!).

4. (Bottom right) Karenna Flutter Detail Dress – $78 – Soft material, but not very flattering on me. Not crazy about the ruffle detail either (made a note to leave out all ruffles in future boxes!).

stitch fix review of the accessories


5. Owl Magnifying Glass Pendant – $28 –  This pendant was HUGE (4-5 inches tall maybe?). I like smaller pendants, so this just wasn’t for me!  It also felt very costume-y.

My Overall Stitch Fix Review

Sadly, it looks like everything from this box is going back.  Although I wasn’t too impressed with the overall style and quality of the pieces, I’ve decided to give Stitch Fix one more chance. I saw this first box as an “experiment” box, and so I’ve “tuned up” my style profile to reflect more accurate sizing and style preferences for the next time around. It’s also possible that, because I requested my box about 1 1/2 weeks prior to the delivery date, the more desirable brands/items were all picked over. Or maybe not… We will see next month!

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