My Top 10 Summer Beauty Essentials

summer beauty picks

Since we’re now moving into August, I thought I’d share some of my Summer beauty essentials that I’ve been getting the most use out of this year.  Here are my top 10 Summer beauty products, including haircare, skincare, bodycare, nail, makeup, and fragrances that I’m currently loving!

My Summer Beauty Essentials

DDF Ultra-Lite Oil-Free Moisturizing Dew – This is one of my favorite moisturizers for Summer (I was so happy when I discovered it randomly at Marshall’s – I love DDF’s skincare line and this was no exception!).  It’s so lightweight and ‘dewy’ feeling on the skin, yet very rich and hydrating.  The perfect balance for Summertime.

Julep DD Creme – I mostly stick to BB/CC/DD cremes in the Summer – anything that’s lightweight, adds a little tint, and contains some extra ‘goodies’ for the skin (like SPF, vitamins, etc).  Although this one by Julep has been discontinued, my other favorite is the DERMAdoctor DD Cream.

Maybelline Color Sensational Rebel Bloom Lipstick –  I like to be a little more adventurous with my makeup in the Summer, and right now I’m especially loving these Maybelline lipsticks for their amazing (and very bright!) color selection.  (Full review here)

Gigi Slow Grow Lotion Hair Minimizer – This stuff really works, and keeps my shave lasting much longer.  My hairs not only grow back slower, but also finer and softer.

OPI My Chinchilla Bites – I like to step-up the classic red polish by using this lovely shade in the Summer.  It’s a beautiful red-orange that adds a bright pop of color.

Acqua Di Gioia by Giorgio Armani Eau De Parfum Spray – This is such a light, easy to wear Summer fragrance.  (I was actually going through a mojito craze when I bought this! The scent itself has a “mojito inspired blend of crushed mint leaves” for its top note.  Yummy!)

Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Mask – After swimming and/or beach time, this hair mask really helps to restore the moisturize back into my hair.  I recommend leaving it on for 20+ minutes for maximum softness/restoration!

St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse – For a little extra boost (especially at the start of Summer when I’m pale as a ghost!), I like to use this St. Tropez mousse.  It’s so easy to apply, doesn’t cause streaking, and creates a natural bronze tone (nothing orangey looking).

Aussie Catch the Wave Mousse – My low maintenance hair care essential for Summer – a great 2-in-1 type product.  It’s a leave-in-conditioner, but also adds some hold if you scrunch your hair afterwards.  (OR, you can put this in your hair right after you’ve gone swimming in the pool/ocean, and it’ll help restore moisture while enhancing that natural wavy, beach-y look.)

Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Masque – In the event of a slight sunburn, or even just for a little refresh, I love to grab this gel mask!  It really softens and hydrates, and feels so cool on the face after a day in the sun.  (Some people even refrigerate this, and apply it slightly chilled for that extra cool feeling!)

What are some of your Summer beauty essentials?




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