BaubleBar Review – New Rings!

So I did a little online shopping recently, and wanted to share with you some of my most recent purchases from BaubleBar.  I’ve sort of been hooked on their jewelry lately, and every once in a while I’ll pick up some new pieces when they have sales going on.

All of my previous purchases consisted of necklaces and bracelets, but this time, I decided to add a few rings to my jewelry collection. I’m especially loving the whole stackable, mix-and-match look, and wanted to start building some sets of my own.  Plus, BaubleBar was having an awesome sale, so I went for it!  Here’s what I picked up…

baublebar jewelry box opened up

baublebar rings laid out on table

BaubleBar Rings and Other Pretty Things…

Out of all BaubleBar’s rings, I personally fell in love with their Di Rings and Tri Rings.  They’re simple and minimal, yet elegant looking.  I also picked up the Parthenon Ring, for the same reasons – it was pretty, yet minimal in design.

All the rings are 14K gold plated metal, and come with little instructions on how to properly care for them (like keeping them away from lotions, etc).  Each ring comes with its own little protective pouch so you can store them separately and avoid scratches (these will definitely come in handy while traveling!).

The other little bonus was a bright orangish-red ‘tangerine’ nail polish by Julep, in the shade ‘Jenna’.  It’s a really gorgeous shade, and actually complements the gold rings!  It’s available on Julep’s website, and also on BaubleBar’s website here (though it may just be for a limited time).

bauble tri ring, di ring, and Parthenon ring

wearing bauble tri, di, and Parthenon rings

Overall, I’m really happy with my order from BaubleBar!  The quality of their rings are excellent (based on my impression of the three I got), and the price (with all the promos) made it so worth it!  (My total for 3 rings and a nail polish came to $46 – not bad, considering the rings were all originally priced at $28 each!)

If you’re interested in purchasing jewelry from BaubleBar, I’d definitely recommend looking out for some coupon codes or sales.  A lot of times you can combine promos like I did, and get the discount for purchasing multiple items (like 15% off if you buy three rings), and then use a coupon code on top of that!  They typically have at least one 20-30% sale each month.  Just something to look out for! 🙂

Shop BaubleBar here!

Have you tried BaubleBar jewelry?  Do their jewelry styles appeal to you?


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