Dr. Jart Ceramidin Day Tint SPF 15 Review

dr jart+ ceramidin day tint

I received this cute little sample of the Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Day Tint SPF 15 in a recent Birchbox.  This is my first experience trying out Dr. Jart products.  Over the past couple of years, I’ve heard lots of great things about the brand, especially their line of BB creams, so I was anxious to try out this product.  At first glance, it seems like the perfect combination of tint, moisturizer, and SPF to fit my minimal Summer makeup routine, plus that it could work as an extra layer of hydration in the Winter.

The Dr. Jart Ceramidin Day Tint (at this point) is only available in one shade, and it’s called ‘light beige/ neutral undertones’. Since Dr. Jart+ is a line of skin-care products based in Korea, it sort of makes sense that they’d produce this product in just the one color, but hopefully they’ll be smart about that and expand the line to include darker shades to suit their now worldwide customer base.

So let’s get into what the Dr. Jart Ceramidin Day Tint is all about.

What It Does

The Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Day Tint SPF 15 is an all-in-one formula that claims to provide deep hydration, UV protection, and blemish coverage. According to Sephora, the day tint:

Tones, moisturizes, and protects skin from harmful external environment every day. Suitable for sensitive skin, the multiaction tinted formula provides sheer cover for a natural look and can be applied before a BB cream to enhance its moisturizing effects and achieve greater coverage. Ceramides hydrate your skin and the lightweight formula protects from drying—providing a flawless finish.

What are Ceramides?

The Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Day Tint is part of the Ceramidin™ Collection, a ceramide-based moisturizing range. Ceramides are essential lipids found in the surface layer of the skin that help maintain the integrity of the skin and retain moisture. Due to aging, natural ceramide concentrations in the skin decrease over time, resulting in dry, irritated, and sensitive skin. The collection not only relieves these symptoms, but enhances and restores the skin’s inherent ability.

Other Beneficial Ingredients:

-Licorice Root Extract and Aloe Vera: Soothe skin.
-Betaine: Softens and moisturizes skin.
-Bifida Ferment Lysate: Increases skin’s ability to regenerate.

How to Apply Dr. Jart Ceramidin Day Tint

The instructions say to apply a nickel-sized amount of the Cermidin Day Tint, and then spread it out evenly over the entire face.  The day tint can be applied as a moisturizer and before a BB cream to enhance its moisturizing effects and achieve greater coverage.

dr jart+ ceramidin day tint swatch

Swatches & First Application

The above photo shows a swatch of the Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Day Tint on my hand, which is close to NC20 in skin-tone (in MAC terms).  It’s comes out as a nice neutral shade, however, it does lean slightly more toward a yellow tone.  I’d expect the extra yellow was added in there to help counteract redness.

The Dr. Jart Ceramidin Day Tint is very easy to apply and blend into your skin.  And, surprisingly, it has enough tint to cover some redness.  No, it’s not going to cover like a foundation would, but the coverage is comparable to other tinted moisturizers on the market (like the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer).

In the photo below, you can see how the day tint took care of some of the redness in my upper cheeks.  My worse spots (around my nose), however, were a little harder to cover.  But add a little concealer to touch up those spots, and you’re good!

Here are the before (left) and after (right) photos.  I’ve applied about a dime size amount of the Ceramidin Day Tint on the left side of my face in the after photo.

dr jart+ ceramidin day tint

One thing I really like about this day tint is that it doesn’t make your face look overly shiny, but instead adds a nice glow.  It also doesn’t cause any extra oiliness as you wear it throughout the day (most tinted moisturizers make my skin really oily, so this is a huge plus for me!).

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think this is an excellent all-in-one type product that’s perfect all year round.  In the Summer, throw it in your beach bag, and you’ve got your sun protection, moisturizer, and a little bit of tint.  Personally, I think I’ll be wearing this all Summer long (or until the little sample runs out!), and will likely be re-purchasing it for myself.

The Day Tint also works great during the Winter to really lock in moisture and provide extra hydration – I’ll typically use it between my moisturizer and my liquid foundation, as a sort of primer.

I also like that the Dr. Jart Ceramidin Day Tint is free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates.  Plus, with the natural ceramide concentrations, I’m excited to see if it has any long-term effects on my skin’s natural hydration!

Dr. Jart Cermidin Day Tint is available at Sephora and Amazon and is priced at around $48.00 for a 1.7oz sized product.

Have you tried Dr. Jart+ skincare line?  What are your thoughts on their products?


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