Wantable Jewelry Box Review – July 2013

wantable box

So as my obsession with subscription boxes continues to grow, I’ve been on the search for new fun and exciting boxes to check out. After having a great experience with my first Rocksbox, I decided to check out other boxes offered in the jewelry department….

Which brings me to Wantable. This box works a little bit differently than RockBoxes, in that it’s delivered monthly, and the (roughly) $40 you spend gets you a box full of jewelry that’s yours to keep.

So here is my first Wantable jewelry box review…

wantable box

First thing you see inside the box is the order invoice, which lists the items (typically 4-5) in the box, their retail price, and some other good stuff.  Now for the unwrapping. The most fun part!


As you can see, everything is wrapped up nicely in clear plastic zippy bags with some fun photos of young women…wearing jewelry…

wantable box jewelry laid out

For my July box, I received 5 items including one necklace, three pairs of earrings (I think one is a bonus pair to go along with the necklace), and one ring. No bracelets this time! Keep in mind that the type and style of jewelry you receive are based on a short quiz taken during sign up. You have the option to re-take the quiz if your preferences change or if you just want to mix it up!

wantable box ring

wantable box ring on finger

Madison Ring

First up is a large silver ring – basically a wide band with little gems randomly scattered about.

I think the ring looks ok, but perhaps a little juvenile. This is something I would have had fun wearing in maybe middle school or high school, and probably would have bought it from Claire’s (the quality is equivalent to what you’d find there – if it’s even still around, I don’t know!).

wantable box jewelry

Next up is the little set of earrings and a funky, punk rocker-style necklace with a range of spikes and gems and what not. Again, would have been fun in high school when I was into punk-looking stuff, as the spikes are a little much. In their defense, I didn’t put down “spikes” as a “yes, I will wear it” in the survey, but this is crazy!

And then there’s the matching earrings.  These are actually pretty nice – a little cluster of fun with a spike (just one this time!), a gem clustered sphere, and one plain oval charm.

wantable box earrings

That brings us to the second pair of earrings. These have that hammered look that’s trending in jewelry at the moment. These might look pretty if they were gold plated, but otherwise, I’m not crazy about them. Maybe it’s because I just prefer smaller earrings.

wantable box second earrings pair

And to the last pair of earrings in my box. They are actually quite pretty, and they’re probably the only piece in the box that I would consider keeping. Unfortunately, unlike RocksBox, I think it’s a “take it all” or “return it” type of deal, so you can’t just keep the jewelry pieces you like and return the rest.

Overall, I felt that the pieces would be more appropriate for a younger crowd (middle school, high school girls). They didn’t quite fit my taste.

If I could go back in time, I might enjoy getting this box in the mail every month and building my fashion jewelry collection. But as I get older, I’m trying to focus on adding a few quality jewelry pieces to my collection here and there. Which is why RocksBox suits me better.

But personal preferences aside, it all really all comes down to how much you want to spend on jewelry, and what kind of quality and style you are looking to add to your own collection. Some like having more options to choose from, while others like to hold on to a few of their favorites. Either way, there’s a box out there for you!

What are your thoughts on Wantable’s subscription box?





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