BaubleBar Jewelry Review & First Purchases

A little while ago, I was watching one of xteeener’s videos and saw her wearing a gorgeous gold lariat necklace. Thankfully, she had included the link to where she got it in her video’s description, which led me to an online jewelry store called BaubleBar. There, I saw the necklace was actually on sale for $30 (which I thought was a great price), so I went ahead and made the purchase.

Within just four days, my little jewel was delivered to my door! I have to say, I was happy with everything – from the quality of the necklace, to the packaging (really cute and fun to open!). Best of all, they shipped it out quickly and for free (there’s no minimum spending requirement!).  And so began my addiction…  🙂  So today I thought I’d share my first two purchases, along with my BaubleBar review…

Buried Baubles (Now Discontinued)

After my first order, I learned about BaubleBar’s “buried baubles” (i.e. the jewelry that’s featured and on sale at prices as low as $10.)  If you sign up to receive their emails, you’ll get updates each time they announce a new buried bauble (which isn’t really “buried” – it shows up in the first row of products once you click the link). (Update, 5/10/2016: Sadly, BaubleBar discontinued this weekly deal.  Now, they have what’s called the ‘Bonus Baubles’, which lets you select 1 piece to free with any $40+ order.)

Last week, the Organic Quartz Pendant (which I can no longer find on their site – I guess they sold out) was the buried bauble. It was priced at $10 and featured a natural quartz stone on a long chain. For the price, and because I love anything with natural stones, I went ahead and placed my second BaubleBar order. 🙂 Again, with the free shipping and $10 price tag, I thought it was steal!  So without further ado, here’s peek into my (2nd) shopping experience and my review.

My BaubleBar Review

baublebar open box
baublebar open box

BaubleBar Unboxing

So as you can see, all the little baubles arrived safe, snug, and all wrapped up in bubble wrap.  All of the insdie packaging – from the striped tissue paper to the bright box design – really added to the whole unboxing experience.  BaubleBar even goes as far as to package your receipt in a cute little envelope. And finally, I love how they always provide a little black pouch for you to store your new jewelry!

baublebar organic quartz necklace

BaubleBar’s Jewelry Quality

Above is BaubleBar’s organic quartz pendant (now sold out). The gorgeous quartz stone sits in a sort of hammered encasement, which hangs on a long gold-colored chain.  The chain, casing, and pendant are surprisingly great quality – they don’t at all feel costume-y or cheap.  Everything about the necklace looks very well made, and whatever plating they used will likely last a long time.  Overall, I was very happy with this necklace, and despite the fact that the chain isn’t gold plated, it still has a nice looking finish.

maybelline lipstick lilac flush


Just as a bonus, BaubleBar threw in a promo item from Maybelline – a full size lipstick from their new Rebel Bloom collection! I’m not sure how often you can expect to get a little something extra like this. It might be just a once or twice a year kind of promo thing.

baublebar organic quartz necklace

Here’s me wearing both my new necklace, along with the Maybelline Rebel Bloom lipstick.  (I think it’s cool that they’re both purple – I wonder if that was intentional!)

baublebar long arrow pendant necklace

And lastly, I wanted to share my initial purchase – BaubleBar’s long arrow necklace. It consists of a 14k gold plated metal chain, along with gorgeous clear stones.  It’s my favorite out of the two only because it’s a little higher quality and has that extra “glitz” with the little crystals.

Overall, BaubleBar really has me hooked.  Their jewelry is great quality and fairly reasonably priced (especially if you catch one of their 20-30% sales!).

Shop BaubleBar here!

Update: Check out my latest ring purchases from BaubleBar!

Have you purchased jewelry from BaubleBar? What do you think about their jewelry?



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