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tyes.by.tara beatrix choker

Sometimes you need a little mix of naughty and nice – and what’s more fun than incorporating both into your everyday outfits?  That’s what attracted me to tyes.by.tara.

Tara, the founder of tyes.by.tara, creates unique jewelry, accessories, and bridal gifts that inspire confidence & femininity.  Her creations are a playful hybrid of feminine and menswear-inspired designs that are unlike anything I’ve ever come across! 

tyes.by.tara beatrix bowtye choker

tyes by tara beatrix bowtye choker

Today, I’m wearing the Beatrix Bowtye choker – a fun, feminine, and eye-catching piece that’s perfect for layering.  It comes with little bowties on the back of the neck for an extra girly touch, which looks especially cute when worn with the hair pulled back.  I have to say, I’m really loving the choker’s mix of edginess and femininity – from the eye-catching, bold black lace design to the delicate bowtie details in the back.

tyes by tara beatrix bowtye choker

tyes.by.tara beatrix bowtye choker

With the return of chokers (finally!) after too many years, this one really stands out among the current styles out there.  It’s surprisingly comfortable for a choker too – the elastic gives it some flexibility, which also allows you to easily adjust where it sits on the neck.  The quality is also amazing, which makes this piece look all the more sophisticated.  With comfort, cuteness, and quality on its side, this has easily become a staple in my everyday outfits!

You can find this piece (Beatrix Bowtye choker), plus more fun and feminine pieces, on the tyes.by.tara website.

What little details do your favorite jewelry pieces feature?


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