Rocksbox Jewelry Unboxing & Review – July 2015

my july 2015 rocksbox unboxed

I can’t believe it has already been two whole years since I first subscribed to Rocksbox!  I haven’t skipped a month since, and in total, I’ve received 99 different pieces of jewelry to experiment with…that’s quite a lot, right!?

My stylist’s selections keep getting better and better with each box.  I’m almost at the point where I want to keep literally everything in my Rockboxes!  What’s changed since I first subscribed back in 2013 (which I believe is when they first started offering their subscription service) is their jewelry feedback system, wishlists where you can request specific pieces, and ‘shine spend’ (i.e. a $10 coupon that you can use once a month toward a jewelry purchase from your boxes).  Plus, they add new brands every now and then so you can experiment with different styles and trends.

I go through my boxes pretty quickly, and don’t always post them on my blog, but the most recent box I received was just too perfect that I wanted to share the pieces I received!  I have to say, this time my stylist’s picks were right on par with the styles I love, which are simple, classy pieces with natural elements (like stones and crystals).

Kendra Scott Brennan Ring Set, gorjana bali tube bracelet, and House of Harlow 1960 Geodesic Cocktail Ring

What came in my Rocksbox?

For this Rocksbox, I actually put in a request with my stylist for a mix of rings and bracelets (you can ask for any combination of pieces really!), and I’m so happy with her picks – they all work together beautifully!

Here are the three new jewels I received:

Kendra Scott Brennan Ring Set in Iridescent Drusy – Regular Price: $70, Insiders’ Price $56

House of Harlow 1960 Geodesic Cocktail Ring– Regular price: $68, Insiders’ Price: $54

Gorjana Bali Tube Curved Bracelet – Regular price: $60, Insiders’ Price: $48

wearing Kendra Scott Brennan Ring Set, gorjana bali tube bracelet, and House of Harlow 1960 Geodesic Cocktail Ring

This Month’s Rocksbox Review

I haven’t decided what I’ll be keeping out of this box, but I’m leaning towards the Kendra Scott ring set.  They are just too pretty to let go!  Plus, I’m loving the midi rings, which are actually a first for me. (I always thought that midi rings would feel unnatural, or slip off during the day. But after wearing these for a few days, I found that while they can be slightly annoying when you’re trying to open a water bottle, they do sit nice and tight on the finger, and they don’t take long to get used to!).

If you’re interested in giving Rocksbox a try, you can visit their website and enter code ‘jessicabff1281’ to get your first month free!

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