KISS Looks So Natural Flirty Lashes Review

kiss flirty lashes in their box

For a while there, I had shied away from the more ‘dramatic’ side of false lashes. It wasn’t until recently, while I was perusing CVS’s makeup section, that I decided it was time to up my game in the lash department.  It was this pretty little pack of KISS Flirty false lashes that finally convinced me.

After placing the KISS Flirty lashes among the rest of my falsies family, it was clear that these were by far the most dramatic lashes I’ve tried to date.  Prior to purchasing these, my collection had consisted of mainly Ardell lashes, including the 120 Demis, Luckies, and Fairies lashes, to name a few.

backside of the kiss flirty lashes box

What Makes the KISS ‘Looks So Natural’ Lashes Stand Out

What really makes the KISS Looks So Natural lashes stand out is their ‘tapered end technology’, meaning the false lashes mimic the shape of your real lashes.  This more ‘natural’ looking shape allows the false lashes to seamlessly blend in with your own.  Other lash brands use individual lashes with ‘blunt ends’, which don’t always achieve the same ‘natural’ looking effect.

Out of the KISS Looks So Natural false lashes line (there are 5 total I believe), the Flirty lashes offer the greatest amount of volume, with the Pretty lashes a close second.  Other styles include Shy, Sultry, and Vamp, each with a different amount of volume and length.

kiss flirty lashes in their packaging

First Impressions of the KISS Flirty Lashes

Before even trying on these little babies, I had to stop and notice the packaging.  There was something about the boxes design, construction, and pink display that gave the product a classier feel compared to other false lash brands I’ve tried.  (I’m use to snapping open a clear plastic cover and popping out a flimsy piece of white plastic!)  Maybe it’s just me and my love for nice packaging, but I do think it subconsciously sends a message that the product inside is likely to reflect the same care, attention, and quality that the company put into the packaging.

After opening the box, right away I noticed the graduated look of the lashes (with more volume concentrated towards the base) which, in addition to the tapered ends, really mimic the look of one’s natural lashes.

The lashes themselves felt very soft, light, and feathery – not at all stiff or plastic-y.  The quality was amazing!

kiss flirty false lashes applied on the eyes

kiss flirty false lashes applied on the eyes

KISS Flirty Lashes Review

Once applied, you can see the KISS Flirty lashes add a whole lot of volume and length.  They are definitely dramatic, making them perfect for a night out.

One thing I love about the Flirty lashes is their smooth, glossy texture.  They even come across looking quite velvety, with a dense amount of hairs combined with a little bit of shine.

These little Flirty lashes are also surprisingly lightweight on your lids.  However, because of their volume, it’s hard not to be conscious of that fact that you’re wearing falsies.  You’ll definitely feel these guys as you blink or move your lids around.  That’s not to say that you won’t eventually grow accustomed to them, but at least for the occasional false lash wearer (like myself) who doesn’t wear them everyday, it may take some getting used to.

kiss flirty false lashes applied on the eyes

Overall, I really enjoyed wearing the KISS Flirty lashes for the first time, and am excited to bring them out again for special occasions that call for a little extra glamour! 😉

You can find KISS lashes at your local Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart and Kmart, as well as on Amazon.

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