Julep Maven July 2015 Subscription Box Unboxing & Review

Today I wanted to share with you my latest Julep Maven box (the July 2015 box)!  Similar to last month, I wasn’t able to resist Julep’s new nail polish selections and bath & body product releases.  I ended up customizing my box completely (I love that they added this feature!), and included a few extra add-ons to my order as well.  Let’s take a look inside!


July 2015 Base Selections

So for the July 2015 Julep Maven box, I went with two of Julep’s featured polishes for this month – Alexa and Brittany.  Alexa is a described as a ‘hyacinth creme’ (to me, it comes across as a slightly muted purple-grey), and Brittany is a ‘bleached apricot creme’.

I also had a choice of throwing in another nail polish, or going with a full size body/makeup/skincare product.  I decided to pick up Julep’s Rethink Your Shower Hydrating Body Cleansing Gel.  It’s their new oil body cleanser (looks very similar to their Bare Face Cleansing Oil), and it features a blend of grapefruit peel, grape seed, kukui nut seed, and coconut oils to help cleanse, moisturize, and protect your skin (plus so much more!).


Julep gives you the option to select extra ‘add-ons’ to your order (that you can get for a little less than what they’re priced at in the store).  Plus, if you choose at least three add-ons, Julep will throw in a surprise nail polish. 🙂

I decided to go for three add-ons again this month, which included a coconut-white polish called Steph, a set of little nail diamonds, and a large Konjac sponge to use with the ‘Rethink Your Shower’ Cleansing Gel.  And my little bonus for selecting all three was an ink blue creme polish called Ilsa.


To summarize, my Julep Maven July 2015 box included:

  • 4 nail polishes (Steph, Brittany, Alexa, and Ilsa – shown in the above photo, from left to right)
  • 2 bath & body products (Rethink Your Shower Cleansing Gel and full-body Konjac sponge)
  • 1 decal set (nail diamonds)
  • 2 little candies (bonus!)

My Julep Maven July 2015 Box Review

After testing out each of the nail polishes, I was really impressed with the colors and their longevity.  The three new ones that released this month (Alexa, Brittany and Steph) are all perfect shades for Summer, and last a good week without chipping.  Out of all the shades, ‘Steph’ was my favorite color-wise – it’s a pretty cream shade with a purple/pink shimmer.

The little nail decals that I picked up just for fun turned out looking more like smooth little orbs, rather than diamonds.  I was still pleased with them since they did last longer than I expected (about 3 days on the nail after applying just one top coat).  I’m not sure if I’d get these again however, since I feel like you can get more detailed, rhinestone-looking decals elsewhere.


Lastly, the Rethink Your Shower Cleansing Gel and full-body Konjac sponge were a nice change from the usual nail polish and makeup selections.  I love bath and body products, and after falling in love with the Julep Bare Face Cleansing Oil and smaller Konjac sponge, I was anxious to try out the new body cleanser, paired with the larger exfoliating sponge.

The Body Cleansing Gel turned out to have a slightly thinner formula than I expected (much thinner than the Bare Face Cleansing Oil); however, it did lather surprising well.  I like its moisturizing properties, and combined with the exfoliating Konjac sponge, it makes for a great multi-tasker in the shower!

Overall, I was really happy with this month’s Julep Maven box – from the selection to the quality of the products.

If you’re interested in trying out Julep’s monthly subscription box, you can sign up here and get a welcome box for free!

What do you think of my Julep Maven box for this month?

Did you get a Julep Maven box this month too?  If so, let me know what you thought of your goodies!


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