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rms beauty swift shadows review

RMS Beauty recently added a brand new eye product to their green beauty line – the Swift Shadows.  After being slightly disappointed with the longevity of their cream Eye Polishes, I was anxious to try these pressed powder shadows to see if they would hold up a little longer.  I ended up grabbing some samples of the RMS Beauty Swift Shadows in four different shades – here’s my review.

rms beauty swift shadows review EM-61, EM-64, TT-73, TR-92
rms beauty swift shadows review EM-61, EM-64, TT-73, TR-92

RMS Beauty Swift Shadows

The RMS Beauty Swift Shadows are formulated for those who prefer powder instead of cream eye shadows, and especially for those who struggled with creasing while using RMS Beauty’s cream Eye Polishes.  Packed inside each shadow are mineral color pigments, along with wild-crafted Buriti Oil and organic Jojoba Oil to give the shadows (and hence your lids) a little extra hydration. The Swift Shadows are pressed, rather than baked, in order to preserve the integrity of these raw ingredients.

How to Apply

The RMS Beauty Swift Shadows can be applied dry using an eyeshadow brush or sponge tip applicator. For more intensity and color payoff, you can moisten your brush with water first, mix it directly in the shadow, then apply.  Or, layer them over an Eye Polish for a more luminous finish.  Other than eyeshadow, the Swift Shadows can also be used as a powder eye liner or eyebrow filler, using either a wet or dry application.

rms beauty swift shadows review EM-61, EM-64, TT-73, TR-92

Swift Shadow Shades

The shade selection can be a bit confusing at first (at least it was for me!), but basically there are six color categories, each with three shade variations, for a total of 18 shades.  For example, the category ‘Twilight Madness” includes 3 different grey/black variations, called TM-21, TM-24, and TM-27.  Here are all six color categories:

  • Twilight Madness or ‘TM” (grey / black)
  • Sunset Beach or “SB” (yellows / golds)
  • Tempting Touch or “TT” (beiges / tans)
  • Tobacco Road or “TR” (greens / browns)
  • Garden Rose or “GR” (pinks)
  • Enchanted Moonlight or “EM” (purples / burgundies)

For some reason this naming convention drives me crazy! I would have preferred if they just came out with individual names for each eyeshadow.

rms beauty swift shadows review EM-61, EM-64, TT-73, TR-92

The shades I picked up include: TR-92, EM-64, EM-61, TT-73 (from left to right)


Mica, Silica, *Mauritia Flexuosa (Buriti) Fruit Oil, Zinc Stearate, *Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Tocopherol (non-GMO), *Rosmarinus Officials (Rosemary) Extract

May Contain [+/-]: Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Iron Oxide (CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499)

*Certified Organic

RMS Beauty Swift Shadow Review

Before the Swift Shadows, RMS Beauty’s only eyeshadow product had been the Eye Polishes.  I picked up a sample of the shade ‘Magnetic’ and fell in love with the color, however the formula was another story.  Like many other have noticed, the Polishes just don’t hold up very long.  For me, they creased within the first couple minutes of wearing them, no matter how I applied them.

Thankfully, these Swift Shadows deliver the same light-reflective, shimmery finish of the RMS Eye Polishes, only in a powder formula that’s specifically made for longer wear.  A side benefit to the powder formula is that they’re also more versatile – you can adjust their intensity by using them wet or dry.

When applied dry, the shadows glide on super smooth and provide a sheer wash of color.  They can be easily built up to opaque coverage using a dense brush or 1-2 extra swipes of the finger.  When apply wet, their pigmentation and metallic finish intensifies, giving them a similar finish to that of the Eye Polish cream shadows.

rms beauty swift shadows swatches EM-61, EM-64, TT-73, TR-92

From top to bottom: EM-64, EM-61, TT-73, TR-92

rms beauty swift shadows swatches EM-61, EM-64, TT-73, TR-92

From top to bottom: EM-64, EM-61, TT-73, TR-92

rms beauty swift shadows wet and dry swatches EM-61

 EM-61 wet (top) & dry (bottom)

EM-61 is a cool shimmery plum shade.  It applies beautifully both dry and wet, creating a nice luster either way.  When wet, it adds a bit more depth.

rms beauty swift shadows wet and dry swatches EM-64EM-64 wet (top) & dry (bottom)

EM-64 is a warmer plum mauve, almost burgundy shade.  It doesn’t have nearly as much luster compared to EM-61. When dry, it is quite powdery and sheer.  However, when wet, the metallic finish kicks up a bit, as does the intensity.  It also applies so much smoother. (I’ll only be using this one wet!)

rms beauty swift shadows wet and dry swatches TT-73

TT-73 wet (top) & dry (bottom)

TT-73 is a deep neutral taupe.  This one took the most amount of swipes to build up (so much that I wouldn’t bother using it dry). When wet however, it’s 10x easier to apply and only takes 2-3 swipes to get depth and intensity. (Another shade I will only be using wet.)

rms beauty swift shadows wet and dry swatches TR-92

TR-92 wet (top) & dry (bottom)

TR-92 is a sage grey.  It has decent pigmentation from the start and can be fairly easily built up with 2-3 swipes when dry.  When wet, the color intensifies, along with it’s luster.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I’m really loving the new Swift Shadows from RMS Beauty, and will definitely be switching over to these from the Eye Polishes! The Swift Shadows create the same metallic look of the Eye Polishes when wet, only they last for hours without creasing.  The shade selection is very wearable, featuring rich neutrals, earthy tones, and sophisticated purples. And best of all, the formula is extremely versatile – it can easily go from sheer, subtle coverage to rich, full-on opaque coverage just by mixing in a little water (which is definitely my preferred method for applying all four shades!).

RMS Beauty Swift Shadows are available at for $20 each.

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