Sigma Notre Dame Eyeshadow Review

sigma notre dame eye shadow

sigma notre dame eye shadow

Sigma Notre Dame Eyeshadow

The Sigma Notre Dame eyeshadow is my favorite eyeshadow from Sigma.  Taking a first look at the pan, it appears to come out as a purple-ish brown combo with quite a bit of shimmer, but turns out looking very different once on the eyelids, as you’ll see below.

In terms of pigmentation, Sigma’s Notre Dame is right up there with MAC eyeshadows.  It’s also easy to pick up from the pan, applies evenly to the lid, and blends out well.  I especially like Notre Dame’s ultra shimmery texture, which adds the most beautiful sheen to the lids.

Overall, I was quite surprised by Notre Dame.  At first, I was expecting to get a mixture of taupe, grey, brown, and purple, but it turned out looking more purple than anything.  The more you build it up though, the more the color starts to shift to a warmer taupe.  The texture also moves to a shimmery, almost wet look as the fine glitter builds up.

 sigma notre dame eye shadow

I love pairing Notre Dame with silvers and purples like MAC’s Shale and Knight Divine.  It also looks great with warmer grey and taupe shades, and even browns (mainly because of the gold shimmer).

In the photo below, I’ve applied Sigma Notre Dame by itself (no primer) with just my finger.  The resulting color was a pretty cool-toned purple-taupe that’s warmed up ever so slightly with the fine gold shimmer.

sigma notre dame eyeshadow applied on the eyes

Sigma vs MAC Eyeshadow Comparison

Just for comparison, I decided to swatch Notre Dame against two similar looking eyeshadows from MAC (at least based on how they initially look in the pan).  As you’ll see below, MAC Shale (bottom left) and MAC Satin Taupe (bottom right) look extremely close to Notre Dame in both color and shimmer, but their differences become quite apparent after applying them on the skin.

sigma notre dame eye shadow compared with mac shale and mac satin taupe

mac sigma eye shadow compared with mac shale and mac satin taupe

After comparing Sigma’s Notre Dame eyeshadow with Mac Shale and Satin Taupe eyeshadows, you can see that although all of them look fairly close in color in the pan, once on the skin, they start to show their variations in purple and brown tones.  MAC Satin Taupe and Shale eyeshadows are both deeper, more brown-toned shades, with Shale sort of a mixture between both purple and brown.  The Sigma Notre Dame eyeshadow, on the other hand, starts to really show it’s “true color” – which is a more purple-toned with a gold sheen.

The one thing that’s pretty impressive about Sigma’s Notre Dame eyeshadow is its pigmentation.  I applied the same number of swipes for both Notre Dame and Satin Taupe to achieve the colors you see above. (Shale took several more swipes as it’s a little more difficult to work with, like most ‘Frost’ texture shadows from MAC).

Staying power is also right up there with MAC shadows.  I often like to apply Notre Dame all over my lids for a quick wash of color, and find that it stays put all day even without a primer.

What’s your favorite Sigma eyeshadow?

How do you think they compare with MAC eyeshadows?


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