MAC Greensmoke Eyeshadow Review

MAC Greensmoke eyeshadow is my favorite green eyeshadow by MAC.  I love its “Lustre” finish and gold shimmer, which creates a really nice sheen on the eye.  It’s definitely a more toned-down shade of green, which gives you the flexibility to create anything from a soft neutral look that’s suitable for the office, to a more dramatic look that can be achieved by combining it with deeper, more vibrant shadows.

mac greensmoke eyeshadown in the pan

In the pan, you can see MAC Greensmoke eyeshadow is a cooler, somewhat dirtied green that pairs well with blues, silvers, greys, and other cool tones.  But wait – because it has gold shimmer, it pairs nicely with golds, browns, and ambers too!  So feel free to experiment – it’s extremely versatile.

mac greensmoke eyeshadow

Quick Look using MAC Greensmoke

For the quick and easy look (like in the above photo), I’ll apply MAC Greensmoke eyeshadow over the entire lid with a flat shader brush, then add just the smallest amount of MAC Carbon eyeshadow to the corner to add some dimension.  I’ll follow that by applying Greensmoke on the lower lash line using a pencil brush, then blending it in with some Carbon in the corner.  Lastly, I’ll add MAC’s Wedge eyeshadow in the crease, then blend everything out.

If you’re interested in seeing some comparison swatches of MAC Greensmoke eyeshadow with two other green MAC eyeshadows (Humid and Sumptuous Olive), check out my “Top 3 Green MAC Eyeshadows” post here.

What’s your favorite green eyeshadow?


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