Red Apple Lipstick’s Non-Toxic Mineral Blushes & Bronzer

Just last year, Red Apple Lipstick expanded their gluten-free, non-toxic makeup line to include six new mineral blushes and a bronzer.  I’ve been wanting to try them out for a while now, and finally got my hands on their most universally-flattering blush shade – ‘Gotta Glow‘ – and their universal bronzer.  Here’s a look at both, which I’ve been wearing together non-stop lately!

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Red Apply Lipstick Mineral Blushes & Bronzer

When creating their blushes and bronzer, Red Apple Lipstick’s goal was to eliminate the common frustrations when it comes to cheek products – from hard to blend formulas, to heavy, cakey powders that just sit on top of the skin.  Leaving out fillers like talc and plasticizers, they designed their pigment-rich mineral blushes and bronzer to apply smoothly and evenly, leaving behind a lightweight finish that leaves skin looking like skin, with a ‘lit from within’ radiance.

In addition to being filler-free, Red Apple Lipstick’s mineral blushes and bronzer are also non-toxic and allergen-friendly.  Their formulas are free from parabens, nano-particles, fragrance, lead, petroleum, gluten, nuts, corn, dairy, wheat, and soy.  They’re also vegan and cruelty-free!

Red Apple Lipstick’s blushes are available in six shades that cover a large range of skin tones.  Need help finding a shade?  Visit their website here to see what they recommend for your unique skin tone!

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Red Apple Lipstick Bronzer & Gotta Glow Blush review 023Red Apple Lipstick Gotta Glow Blush & Bronzer swatches

Swatches of Red Apple Lipstick Gotta Glow Blush (one layer, multiple layers) & Sundrop Bronzer (one layer, multiple layers)

Red Apply Lipstick Gotta Glow Blush

The Gotta Glow Blush is a gorgeous peachy-pink with a subtle gold micro-shimmer.  It reminds me a lot of NARS Orgasm blush, only it’s a bit more understated and subtle, and also glitter-free.  According to Red Apply Lipstick, Gotta Glow is the most universally flattering shade out the six.  The coverage starts out fairly sheer – one light layer adds a sheer wash of peachy-pink and a soft glow, while 3-4 layers adds more depth and warmth along with a more noticeable radiant sheen.  (You can definitely skip the luminizer with this one!)

I use an angled blush brush to apply this.  I’ll tap (rather than swipe) the brush in the pan, as the formula does produce quite a bit of kickback.  However, the formula is soft, velvety, and very fine in texture, which translates to a smooth, weightless finish.

Red Apply Lipstick Sundrop Bronzer

The Sundrop Bronzer is a beautiful medium matte bronzer that adds both warmth and definition to the complexion.  Though the color is on the warmer side, it’s in no way orange-y.   I’ll apply it along the top of my forehead, around the temples, and under the cheekbones and around the jawline, where it produces a natural-looking shadow and a sun-kissed warmth.  Its soft, smooth texture can go from sheer to near full-coverage, while still offering a natural looking finish.

Red Apple Lipstick Gotta Glow Blush review, swatch 8

Wearing Red Apple Lipstick Gotta Glow Blush & Sundrop Bronzer

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