Ardell Fairies Natural False Lashes Review

ardell fairies lashes

Ok, so maybe it was the word “Fairies” that ultimately got me to buy these lashes (plus the fact that I’ve been reading a little too many books that involve fairies from that ever growing “paranormal teen romance” section in Barnes & Noble!).  Either way, these Ardell Fairies lashes sort of did, well, make me feel like a fairy. 🙂

wearing ardell fairies lashes

Ardell Fairies Natural False Lashes

The Ardell Fairies lashes are part of Ardell’s Natural false lash line, which I find pretty accurate since you can really get away with wearing these out anywhere – to work and/or school – without them being too dramatic. They also transition well into a night-out look when paired with eyeshadow and liner to create a more completed look.

ardell fairies false lashes

ardell fairies lashes

Ardell Fairies Natural False Lashes Review

The Fairies lashes are one of my favorite false lashes from Ardell.  They add just the right amount of glamour to your day without looking too over the top.

These lashes feature a nice variation of shorter and longer lashes, which make them come across very natural looking. Basically with these lashes, you are getting added length in the form of light, wispy lashes.

In comparison to other Ardell lashes, the longest lashes in the Fairies pair extend further than those in the 120 Demi Black lashes and the Demi Wispies.  In terms of volume however, I’d say the Ardell Fairies lashes offer about 30%-40% less volume than the 120’s.  While the lash length is about the same for all the lash fibers that make up the 120 Demi Black lashes, the Fairies lashes have a nice blend of short, medium, and longer lengths.  Lastly, the Fairies feel almost weightless on the lids, while the Demi black and Demi Wispies feel significantly heavier.

So if you’re going for a more natural look with that extra flirty boost, I’d definitely suggest picking up the Ardell Fairies lashes!

You can pick up the Fairies lashes here on Amazon.  Also, make sure you have lash glue to apply these, as it’s not typically included with the lashes.  I recommend using Ardell’s lash glue in their clear formula.

What are your favorite Ardell false lashes?



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