Julep Maven June 2015 Subscription Box Unboxing & Review


Today I wanted to share my most recent Julep Maven box (the June 2015 box).  I’ve actually been skipping the boxes over the past couples months because my nail polish collection was starting to grow beyond my control.  For the month of June however, I finally caved – I couldn’t resist the color selection and other little goodies, and had to go for it.  Plus, I had some ‘Jules’ points saved up to help me get some extras (more on that below).

julep_june_2015_maven_box_2 julep_june_2015_box

June 2015 Base Selections

So for this box, I went with two of the featured polishes – Isabela and Manda.  Both are blue shades that I thought would look perfect for Summer.  Isabela is a brighter medium blue, and Manda is a light baby blue with gold shimmer.

I also had my choice of throwing in another polish or going with a makeup product or makeup brush.  Since I’d been eyeing Julep’s bronzer brush for a while now, I decided to finally go for it and add it to my box as well.  So for the price of $19.99 (I purchased the 3-month plan to save some extra bucks), I got two polishes and one makeup brush – really excellent deal in my opinion!


Julep also lets you select extra ‘add-ons’ to your order (that you can get for a little less than what they’re priced at in the store).  Plus, if you choose three or more, Julep will throw in a bonus item. 🙂

So I saw that I had some ‘Jules’ left in my account and used them to cover all three add-ons.  (Juleps are basically reward points that you rack up with each box and sometimes product purchases.  You can apply them to your Maven orders to get free products or even full boxes.)

My three add-ons included a white polish called Brigitte, little star decals (for the 4th of July), and a three pack of assorted decals (because you can’t have enough of them!).  My little bonus for selecting all three was a satiny, shimmery beige polish called Marcy.

So to summarize, in my Julep Maven June 2015 box, I received:

  • 4 nail polishes (Isabela, Manda, Brigitte, and Marcy)
  • 1 makeup brush (Julep’s bronzer brush)
  • 4 nail decal sets (stars, chevrons, zigzags, and clovers)
  • 2 lollipops (bonus!)

Julep Maven June 2015 box unboxed showing nail polishes and bronzer brush


My Review of the Julep Maven June 2015 Box

Nail Polishes

Starting with the nail polishes, each one of them applied beautifully.  No problems with quality.  They glided on the nails, and built up a beautiful opaque color after two coats (some after just one slightly heavier first coat).
I especially loved the colors – they’re all GORGEOUS, perfect for Summer, and surprisingly, all work well together.  I can imagine creating lots of nail polish looks by combining a couple of these at a time.

(You can find my full review of the nail polish colors Isabela here and Manda here.)

julep bronzer brush

Bronzer Brush

The Julep bronzer brush was another purchase that I’m not regretting one bit.  It’s incredibly soft, and makes it super easy to pick up and apply powder products.

I had actually been looking for a decent sized blush brush for a while now, and this definitely fits the bill.  It kind of looks like that Real Techniques blush brush, only better quality.  It’s the perfect size to apply a quick wash of color over the whole cheek.


Nail Decals

Lastly, I received some fun little nail decals.  The chevrons are probably my favorite out of the bunch.  I’ll probably end up using the stars first though, for 4th of July of course!  The decals are also the perfect size and stick to the nail very well.  Just add a top coat for extra coverage, and you’re good for a week+!

Final Thoughts

Overall, I’m so happy that I went for the Julep Maven box this month.  The polishes, makeup brush, and decals were all excellent quality.  And for the amount of products I got for around $20 (plus some Jules), it was definitely worth it!  I probably would have spent $20 just for a good blush/bronzer brush alone!

By the way, if you’re interested in trying out Julep’s monthly subscription box, you can sign up here and get a welcome box for free!

What do you think of my Julep Maven box for this month?

Did you get a Julep Maven box this month too?  If so, let me know what you thought of your goodies!


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