Julep Jenna Nail Polish

julep jenna nail polish swatched on the nails

Today, I wanted to share with you a nail polish that I’ve been wearing a lot this Summer.  It’s a juicy bright color called ‘Jenna’ by Julep (one of my favorite nail polish brands).

I actually received the Julep Jenna polish as a bonus gift in my last BaubleBar order, and have been playing around with it ever since.  (It looks like that promo is over now, but you can still find Jenna on Julep’s website.)

julep jenna nail polish applied on the nails

My Review of Julep Jenna

Julep Jenna is described as a “tangerine burst crème”.  It’s a pretty vibrant, dark orange shade that works well with all skin tones (it really pops on tan skin, and darker skin tones in general).   The color seems to change a bit depending on the lighting – the above photos were all taken in natural lighting, but under softer lighting in your house, it can come across looking slightly more pink-toned.

Jenna uses Julep’s “Breakthrough Oxygen Technology”, which helps it dry faster and last longer.  I was actually surprised at how quickly this polish dried (from my experience, Julep polishes can take a little longer than your average polish to dry).  I’d say this took about 10-15 minutes to completely set after applying two coats.  The polish also lasts pretty long – after three days and a heavy amount of dish-washing (with no gloves!), I only had a small amount of chipping on the tips of two nails (thanks to the abrasive sponge!).  I think that’s pretty good!  Most of my OPI polishes would have been a mess by now.

I have to say, with its amazing quality and vibrant color, Julep Jenna has become a Summer favorite of mine!

What’s your favorite nail polish to wear in the Summer?



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