Julep Hartleigh Nail Polish & Valentine’s Day Nail Look

julep hartleigh nail polish

Julep Hartleigh Nail Polish

I was very excited to receive a full size Julep Hartleigh nail polish as part of this month’s Glossybox!  It’s a beautiful Valentine’s Day inspired glitter polish that features cute little red hearts, white specks, and some smaller glitter chunks in a clear polish coat.

Julep Hartleigh pairs especially well on top of pink, purple, and red nail polishes (all of which I’ve tried myself!), as well as white and black polish for an edgier look.  Check out the nail look I created for Valentine’s Day, by pairing it with a bright pink polish.

Valentine’s Day Nail Look

In the below photo, I have applied Hartleigh over another one of Julep’s nail polishes called Caitlin, which is a semi-opaque, bright pink polish (you can find my full review of Caitlin here.)  The two polishes combined create a playful and fun look for Valentine’s Day.

julep hartleigh on nails
julep hartleigh on nails

As with most Julep polishes, the Julep Hartleigh does take a while to dry once applied, so make sure to wait a good 10 minutes before letting anything touch your nails.  In the meantime; however, because it doesn’t set right away, you can move the little heart pieces around to have them exactly where you want them.  To avoid messing up the polish, I recommend using a toothpick to gently press on the glitter and slide it to the exact position and spot you want it.

Once the nail polish dries, I would suggest applying a clear top coat (I use this one by OPI) over the glitter polish just to add that extra layer of protection.  The heart pieces tend to be pretty thick (as you can probably make out from the close up photo above), so sometimes even two clear top coats are needed to really protect the glitter.


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