SpaRitual Thunder Road Nail Polish

sparitual thunder road nail polish

I’m currently loving SpaRitual’s nail polishes. Ever since I received my first SpaRitual polish in a Glossybox, I’ve been very impressed with their overall quality, longevity, and application.  They also come in a very unique range of colors, textures, and finishes.

So with Spring on it’s way, I was in the mood for a light, fun nail color.  I ended up deciding on the SpaRitual Thunder Road nail polish.

SpaRitual Thunder Road

The shade ‘Thunder Road’ is described as a ‘pastel purple creme’.  Here’s how it looks on the nails after applying two coats.

sparitual thunder road on nails

sparitual thunder road on nails

Once dry, SpaRitual Thunder Road gives off a nice smooth, opaque finish.  In terms of color, it’s a gorgeous medium purple that leans slightly on the cooler side.  There’s no sparkle or texture to this one, just a nice shine, which I think makes it a perfect base for adding a coat of glitter polish, decals, or other designs.  I’m thinking…little Easter eggs…perhaps?  🙂

Have you tried SpaRitual’s nail polishes?


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