Julep Catrina Nail Polish

julep catrina nail polish

Julep Catrina Nail Polish

Testing Out the Waters

For all my life, I stayed far away from yellow nail polish, mostly because I feared it would come across looking too juvenile, or wouldn’t match my skin tone (I look terrible in yellow clothing, so you’d assume it would be a bad nail color choice too right?).  So when I received the Julep Catrina polish as a bonus gift in my Julep Maven box (a fun nail polish subscription box), I was more than hesitant to try out the color (at least all on its own).

It wasn’t until Halloween that I first gave it a go.  But even then, I applied it to just one nail – the right finger – while keeping all the rest black (and then placed a little black kitty decal on it – sounds cute huh!?).  But then it was back into the polish drawer…

julep catrina yellow nail polish

Julep Catrina Nail Polish

My Review

When Spring finally rolled around, I was feeling a little adventurous and decided to apply Julep Catrina to all my nails, and guess what? I liked it!  It didn’t come across looking too bright, and instead was a nice, more toned-down golden yellow.  (On Julep’s website, it’s described as a ‘Marigold yellow crème’.)  I really think this color would look nice on anyone, regardless of your skin tone.

Similar to my last nail polish review of Julep’s Myriam, I found this polish to be very easy to apply.  Two coats is all you need for a full coverage finish.  It takes a little longer to dry (I like to wait about 30 minutes before doing anything that could potentially mess it up – typing is ok though!).  Once dry, for me it stays put with no chipping for an entire week (and I bet if I had worn gloves while doing the dishes to protect my nails, the polish would have lasted even longer!).

julep catrina yellow nail polish

Where to Buy

Catrina nail polish is available on Julep’s website for $14.00, or you can become a Julep Maven and get it for a little cheaper ($11.20).  (It’s actually a really great program, and you can skip boxes whenever you want to.  Plus, right now you can join here, and get your first welcome box for free!)

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