How to Get Beach Waves Overnight

I’m what you’d call super low-maintenance when it comes to hair care. My routine typically goes like this: wash, condition, serum, air-dry.  That’s right – no styling. Fortunately, my hair is pretty tame and straight on its own, so I’m able to get away with my complete lack of a styling routine.

That’s not to say I don’t sometimes yearn for perfectly styled waves, or pin straight shiny hair. It’s just most days, I don’t have the time nor the patience to grab my straightener or curling iron and get to work.

how to beach waves overnight

Fortunately, I won’t be stuck with the same ‘do’ (or lack there of) all summer long, all thanks to a new super quick and effortless little routine I recently discovered.  It lets me get pretty beachy waves (perfect for summertime!) without having to reach for a styling tool or worry about heat damage.

So let’s get to it – here’s my 10-minute, no-heat hair styling routine for natural-looking beach waves – overnight!  Best done just before bed and after a shower. 😉

Overnight, No-Heat Beach Waves How-To

how to get beach waves overnight tutorial how to

Step 1: Start with towel-dried hair.

Step 2: Grab a small section of your hair and gently twist it using your fingers.

how to get beach waves overnight tutorial

Step 3:  Continue grabbing small sections of your hair and twisting them in the same direction until you’re covered your entire head.  (I typically go for 6 sections to create smaller, tighter waves.  Basically, less sections result in bigger, looser waves, while more sections result in smaller, tighter waves.)

Step 4:  Group all the sections together and twist them together once around so that you can easily tie them at the bottom.  Finish with a hair tie to hold them all in place.

Slap Satin-Lined Cap by Grace Eleyae review

Step 5: Grab your hair twists and hold them at the top of your head.

Step 6: Cover your head with a satin-lined cap to keep everything in place while you sleep.  (I find it best to look down at the ground to keep the hair in place while I get the cap situated in the front. Then I’ll pull it around the back of my head while carefully pushing the hair twists underneath until they’re completely covered).

Slap Satin-Lined Cap by Grace Eleyae review

Here I’m using the Satin-lined Cap by Grace Eleyae (aka the ‘Slap’).  It acts as a protective barrier between hair and pillow fabric, which leads to less breakage, frizz, and knots the next morning!  Not to mention, it creates perfectly preserved beach waves that look moisturized and silky-smooth, rather than dry and disheveled after a night of tossing around.  Speaking of tossing around, the satiny-soft Slap is fit with an elastic band around the front that helps it to stay in place all night long.

Slap Satin-Lined Cap by Grace Eleyae review

Step 5: Ensure your hair is secure within the cap, then it’s off to sleep!

8+ hours (and a good night’s rest) later…

how to get beach waves tutorial without heat

Step 6: Remove the cap in the morning and gently loosen up all the twists to reveal shiny and healthy looking hair complete with messy, sexy beach waves! All that’s left to do is tousle the waves a bit while spritzing on some sea salt spray for some added texture and hold (I’m in love with this one and this one – they’re both all-natural, and the latter adds a touch of shimmer!).

how to get beach waves without heat

how to get beach waves without heat

To help keep my beach waves in tack for a few more days, I’ll continue to sleep with the Slap secured over my hair until it comes time to wash again. The cap can help protect any hair style, so you can literally get up and go in the mornings with minimal to no maintenance.  And guess what?  It can also be worn throughout the day to protect hair from humidity, sun damage, and harsh conditions, while keeping us looking cute and stylish at the same time! 😉

What’s your favorite low-maintenance hair styling routine?


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