FOREO LUNA play Review + Buyer’s Guide For Those Who Want To Upgrade

foreo luna play review save the sea edition

FOREO is changing the skincare game with their gentle, silicone-based cleansing devices.  I’ve personally made the switch from Clarisonic to FOREO’s LUNA devices and couldn’t be happier.  For my combo and somewhat sensitive skin, the LUNA helps clear my skin without the abrasive feel of bristles.

I’m always recommending the LUNA, but understandably, it may not be suited for everyone.  Fortunately, there’s now a way to test it out without having to commit to the full size device – enter the FOREO LUNA play!

foreo luna play review save the sea edition

What is the FOREO LUNA play?

The FOREO LUNA play is a compact-sized version of the LUNA that allows you to experience the same effective and gentle skin care cleansing as the larger devices, making it the perfect intro into FOREO’s LUNA cleansing devices.

Similar to the other LUNAs, the LUNA play features T-Sonic pulsations sent through the device’s soft, rounded silicone touch-points.  This vibrating action helps to remove dead skin cells, unclog pores, and remove 99.5% of dirt and oil.  It’s also fully waterproof so you can take it with you in the shower.

There are however two key differences: 1) it’s non-rechargeable, offering up to 100 uses per device (i.e. lasting 6-7 weeks when used 2x per day), and 2) it’s the smallest device in the LUNA range, making it the most travel-friendly (but also the most time-consuming when cleaning the face).

foreo luna play review save the sea edition

My FOREO LUNA play Review

My first love was the original FOREO LUNA (you can read my review here).  It did amazing things for my combo skin – from clearing up pores in my T-zone, and removing dry skin in the others.  This cute little LUNA play device is no different.  Despite being smaller than the other devices, it still gives me the same amazingly thorough clean.  It removes dirt and makeup residue better than just using my fingers, which means cleaner skin over time.  The LUNA play also exfoliates as well as a scrub, and helps me achieve a perfectly smooth canvas for my makeup.  At the same time, it deeply cleans oil build-up in my T-zone and noticeably de-congests my pores, even shrinking them over time.

Even though the size is meant for traveling, occasionally I’ll pick this up instead of my LUNA mini or LUNA 2, just to quickly hit on problem areas like around my nose.  However, I do find it to be a tad rougher then both the LUNA 2 and LUNA mini 2 when it comes to its speed setting and touch-points, hence why I use my FOREO LUNA 2 (the ‘Sensitive’ version) about 90% of the time for everyday deep yet gentle cleansing.

Now, as you may be purchasing the LUNA play as a possible stepping stone into one of the larger FOREO LUNA devices, here’s a brief comparison of the LUNA play to the full LUNA range, including the LUNA go, LUNA mini 2, and full-size LUNA 2.

LUNA Comparison Guide

The LUNA play‘s brush head is a very close match to that of the LUNA go (the blue and pink versions) and LUNA mini 2, all of which feature a 2-zone brush design.  This basically boils down to one small section of thick touch-points at the tip (which provide a deep, precise cleanse), and a bunch of finer touch-points that cleanse sensitive/normal skin on larger areas.

If you end up liking the LUNA play, the LUNA go (pink or blue) and LUNA mini 2 would be comparable upgrade options, both cleansing and sensitivity-wise.  Deciding between the LUNA go and LUNA mini 2 would then come down to your preference in size and other device features.

foreo save the save luna mini and luna play editions

FOREO LUNA play (left) /  FOREO LUNA mini 2 (right)

LUNA play vs. LUNA mini 2

Making the upgrade from the FOREO play to the FOREO LUNA mini 2 has a few advantages:

  • With the FOREO LUNA mini 2, you get a brush size that’s about 2x the size of the LUNA play.
  • From my experience, the FOREO LUNA mini 2’s touch-points are also slightly more flexible, and hence slightly gentler than the LUNA play.
  • The LUNA mini 2 offers 8 speeds (including much slower speeds for more sensitive skin) whereas the LUNA play only offers one speed setting.
  • You can recharge the LUNA mini 2, whereas the LUNA play only lasts up to 100 uses.
  • Finally, the LUNA mini 2 gives you one extra side to use for cleansing oilier skin, whereas the LUNA play’s reverse side has no function.

foreo luna play review save the sea edition

Reverse side of the LUNA play

LUNA Mini 2 save the sea special edition

Reverse side of the LUNA mini 2 (great for cleansing oily areas)

LUNA play vs. LUNA go

If you’re looking to save a little money or simply prefer the smaller size of the LUNA play, then you may want to consider upgrading to the LUNA go, which presents a few advantages:

  • The LUNA go has the added Anti-Aging mode on the reverse side
  • The LUNA go offers 4 versions to choose from to suit different skin types
  • You can recharge the LUNA go, whereas the LUNA play only lasts up to 100 uses

LUNA play vs. LUNA 2

When comparing with the full-size FOREO LUNA 2 (which I reviewed here), I’d say the LUNA play most closely resembles a cross between the ‘normal’ and ‘combination’ skin versions.  With that in mind, you can use the LUNA play to gauge your best fit in the LUNA 2.  For example, if you find the LUNA play is a bit too rough, go for the LUNA 2 for normal skin (pink) or sensitive skin (purple). If you find it too gentle, go for the LUNA 2 for oily skin (teal). And if it’s just right, I’d say go for the LUNA 2 combo skin version (blue).

Key upgrades with the LUNA 2:

  • The FOREO LUNA 2 brush size is about 2-3x the size of LUNA play’s
  • From my experience, the FOREO LUNA 2’s touch-points are slightly more flexible, and hence gentler than the LUNA play
  • The LUNA 2 offers 12 speeds (including slower speeds for more sensitive skin/areas) instead of just the one setting
  • The LUNA 2 has the added Anti-Aging mode on the reverse side
  • The LUNA go offers 4 versions to choose from to suit different skin types
  • You can recharge the LUNA go, whereas the LUNA play only lasts up to 100 uses

foreo luna play, luna 2 mini, and luna 2

FOREO LUNA mini 2 (top left) / FOREO LUNA play (bottom left) / FOREO LUNA 2 in ‘Sensitive’ (right)

Overall, if you’re a LUNA newbie and aren’t sure if you want to commit to a full-size device, the FOREO LUNA play is great way to try out the device.  It offers the same key features as the LUNA 2, LUNA mini, and LUNA go, like the gentle silicone brush head and pulsations, so it’s a great way to get a feel for the devices’ cleansing abilities and see how it works for your skin!

And if you’re already a LUNA fan like me, you’ll love this little guy when traveling.  The play in particular is so compact (and cute!) and takes up almost no space in our beauty bags. Also great for quick touch-ups on targeted areas like the nose and chin.

Available at FOREO, Amazon & Sephora

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Update: FOREO launched a new version of the LUNA play, called the LUNA play plus.  Unlike the original LUNA play, it takes a AAA battery, so you can reuse it! 

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