5 Things This Week

friday favorites

Currently Reading – In the Spring and Summer months, I love sitting out in the sun, sipping on lemonade, and reading a good book.  I’m particularly drawn to anything science fiction/fantasy/historical/adventure/romance-related, which led me to pick up ‘Cold Magic’ by Kate Elliott.  Science and magic?!  Yes, please!

New Skincare – The latest addition (or should I say ‘upgrade’) to my skincare routine is the FOREO’s new LUNA 2.  It has since replaced my original LUNA as a more effective and gentler device, with the same exfoliating and skin-clearing results.  (Check out my review + Luna vs Luna 2 comparison post here.)

Summer Glow – I can’t get enough of Jergen’s Natural Glow gradual self-tanning lotions, especially the Jergens Glow Face Daily Moisturizer.  Even though I’m quite pale, I use the darkest shade (‘Medium to Tan’) which works great when you want an extra boost of color to prep for the coming Summer months.  It looks natural, works pretty quickly (takes about 3 days), and doubles as a surprisingly hydrating moisturizer.  If you follow my blog, you may have seen this featured in my ‘no-makeup’ makeup look tutorial.

Personalized Accessories – I’ve been storing my makeup is this new beauty bag from Apatchy.  They offer a range of cosmetic bags, day bags, sports bags, and more, that can be easily customized with different patches – from your initials, to stars, flowers, skulls, and my personal favorite, the ghost patch (goes back to my love for gaming and quirky characters!).

tea tonix be brainy and be happy

Tea Time – Between the beneficial herbs and extra caffeine-boost, I’ve been drinking 1-2 cups of tea almost everyday now.  My latest find – Tea Tonix.  Their tea blends are aromatic and delicious, and use fresh and organic ingredients.  ‘Be Brainy’ is my favorite to drink during the work day.  It uses Gota Kola, Gingko, and Hawthorn Berries to improve concentration, mental clarity, and focus.  It makes a great coffee alternative, with the added benefit that it leaves you feeling balanced and calm.  ‘Be Happy‘ is an especially tasty blend that I’ve just started to experiment with.  It helps to calm nerves and lift your mood, with a blend of St. John’s Wort, Skullcap, Vervain, Passionflower, Chamomile, and Lemongrass. Other varieties include ‘Be Energized’, ‘Be Detoxified’, ‘Be Slim’, ‘Be Settled’, ‘Be Resilient’, ‘Be Sleepy’, and ‘Be Expecting’.


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