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The new year brought with it lots of changes for me, including a new job, and a new morning commute.  These days, I’ve been making the trip from Mountain View to San Francisco via train, then enjoying a 20 minute walk from the station to my office (no kidding, it’s my exercise for the day!).  Needless to say, some comfy (yet stylist) pairs of shoes were at the top of my work wardrobe must-haves.

After a lengthy search, I have Everlane to thank for introducing me to the comfiest all-day boots, aka ‘The Day Boot‘.  I’ve been wearing them non-stop lately – to work, and even while running errands all around town – they’re that comfortable.

“A great fall boot—that doesn’t wreck your feet—is hard to find. So we created the Day Boot. Walkable. Buttery soft. And so damn gorgeous. The best part? It actually goes with everything.”

everlane day boot review

Everlane Day Boot Review

The Day Boot from Everlane has a walkable 2″ stacked heel and is made of the softest, most buttery-rich leather that molds to your foot after a couple of all-day wears. Topped off with a slightly square-shaped toe (which I really appreciate as it shortens the look of my long feet), a slim-fitting ankle (that’s super flexible and doesn’t rub), and a zipper for easy-on, easy-off, it’s become my go-to boot for work (along with date nights, and even casual weekends out!).

Finding the Right Size

Now let’s talk about sizing.  Just for reference, I typically wear 9s in heels (including boots) and 9.5s in sneakers.  For flats, I’m either a 9 or 9.5, depending on the brand.

For The Day Boot, I tried both the 9s and 9.5s, and ultimately decided to go with the 9.5s.  The 9s were too tight and, by my estimate, wouldn’t have stretched out enough to reach a comfy fit.  The 9.5s, however, were just right.  They were nice and fitted, and though the toe box was a bit snug at first, with time the leather stretched and the boots sort of ‘molded’ to my feet.

Since getting these boots, I visited Everlane‘s store in San Francisco and tried out a few other styles, including their V Heels and The Day Glove.  For me, they all ran small – for the V Heels, I had to go up to a 9.5 and they were still slightly snug, and for The Day Glove, I went all the way up to a size 10 because even the 9.5s were too short.  From other reviews I’ve read online, this seems to be the case for most people, so if in doubt, size up!

everlane day boot review

Other than comfort, style, and fit, the last box to check off for me was security – I’m talking about a solid, non-slip heel.  Seeing that the boots weren’t fitted with rubber soles, I was expecting them to be slippery (which is a no-go for me, no matter how stylish the shoe).  Surprisingly though, after 10+ days of walking around the city, over all kinds of pavement, uneven roads, sewer and construction site coverings, hardwood floors, and so on, I never once felt like I was going to slip.  (Note:  The boots come with a plastic protective covering on the bottoms – make sure to remove them before wearing the shoes outside!  Otherwise, you will likely slip – I almost did after not noticing them initially!)

Now, I live in California mind you, so I can’t say the soles are going to keep you steady over slouch, snow, and ice.  If you live in a place where those conditions are common, then I’d suggest considering getting the heels resoled with rubber (and treating the leather too!).

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everlane day boot review

Overall, if you’re looking for a stylish heeled boot that’s also comfy enough for everything from city walks to running errands, then I highly recommend checking out The Day Boot from Everlane!  I can’t wait to grab another pair (Everlane just released three brand new colors too – a medium grey, navy, and the prettiest lavender shade, just in time for spring!).

Shop the look…

Boots – Everlane (currently available in 8 different colors!)

Jeans – J. Crew (purchased secondhand at thredUp)

Sweater – Everlane

Bag – Matt & Nat

Watch – MVMT

Earrings – MJLuLu

What are some of your work wardrobe must-haves?


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