Outfit of the Day | Mini Edition

outfit of the day

I’m new to the fashion side of blogging, but nevertheless wanted to share some of my outfits here and there.

For today’s look, I pulled out my favorite jean shorts from H&M, a black Portofino shirt from Express, and my (new!) black simple strap heels from Dailylook. This is the typical style you’ll see me in most of the time – simple, easy looks, with lots of black – except for the heels (if I can make sneakers match my outfit on any given day, they’re coming with me!).

Now that the weather’s nice, I may continue with more of these posts as I start to emerge from my indoor cocoon.  So expect both the scenery and photo quality to improve!  In the meantime, I’ll post more of these ‘minis’ with some smaller shots.



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