Billion Dollar Brows Review, Tutorial, Before & After

billion dollar brows best sellers kit

Thick, natural brows are on-trend at the moment. Fortunately, I have pretty dark brows, but with the ‘plucking’ craze of my early high school years, in addition to a few injuries during my youth that caused scars on both my brows, they could definitely use a little help!  In my most recent quest for a quick and easy way to ‘play up’ my brows, I was introduced to Billion Dollar Brows.  They sent me a couple of their kits to try out and experiment with, including their ‘Best Sellers Kit‘ and the ’60 Seconds to Beautiful Brows’ kit.  So let’s start with the former – their more ‘comprehensive’ kit – before we get to my overall Billion Dollar Brows review.

billion dollar brows best sellers kit

Billion Dollar Brows ‘Best Sellers Kit’

The Billion Dollar Brows Best Sellers Kit includes four of their most popular products, and gives you everything you need to shape, highlight, and lock in your look.

Here’s what comes in the kit:

  • Universal Brow Pencil: Formulated to work beautifully with most skin tones and hair colors, this amazing eyebrow pencil goes on smooth and natural. Plus, the Universal Brow Pencil is automatic—it never needs sharpening and it comes complete with a spoolie brush on the opposite end for effortless blending and a perfect finish.
  • Brow Duo Pencil Highlighter:  Highlights your brow bone to add gorgeous definition and warmth while providing instant visual “lift.” Our highlighter works with every skin tone. Plus, for on-the-go touchups, we added a handy universal concealer on the opposite end of the pencil. It’s effortless flawlessness!
  • Clear Brow Gel:   Our clear brow gel locks in your look, giving your eyebrows a long-lasting, radiant glow while keeping them perfectly in place all day.
  • Smudge Brush: This flat, synthetic brush is the ideal mate for applying creamy cosmetics like our Brow Duo Pencil.

billion dollar brows best sellers kit

My Billion Dollar Brows ‘Best Sellers Kit’ Review

Right away, I was super impressed by the Universal Brow Pencil.  It’s very pigmented and comes in a soft pencil form that doesn’t require you to use much pressure on your brows to get decent color payoff.  Probably the best thing about this pencil is that the formula ‘sticks’ amazingly well on the skin – even to my scar tissue which is often times difficult to get products to hold on to.

billon dollar brows universal brow pencil

As the name suggests, the pencil comes in a shade that’s supposed to work for all brow shades.  Just looking at the pencil up close, you can see that it does come across rather dark.  After experimenting with it on my own brows (which are pretty dark), I’d say the pencil probably works best for light brown to black eyebrows (using very quick, light swipes for lighter brows, and more swipes to build up darker brows).  For blondes, I definitely feel that it would be a little too dark, and would just end up looking too dramatic.

As for the other products that came with the Best Seller’s Kit, the Clear Brow Gel worked as expected and provides a decent amount of hold.  I particularly like it because it leaves my hairs feeling soft, and doesn’t dry stiff like other formulas I’ve tried.

When it comes to the Brow Duo Pencil Highlighter, I’m 50/50.  One thing I wasn’t too crazy about was the shade of the concealer (and I don’t quite see how it could be called a universal shade).  The highlighter, on the other hand, is a great shade and would likely work for everyone, however, it does mattify the area under your brows, which I’m not really a fan of (I like a slight sheen/glow in that area).  The formulas can also be a bit heavy, which can cause some difficulty when it comes to blending them in (especially if you have dry skin – it can really ‘cake’ around it, if you know what I mean.)

Now, let’s move on to the second kit  – a more simplified set of products for a quick fix.

billion dollar brows 60 seconds to beautiful brows kit

Billion Dollar Brows ’60 Seconds To Beautiful Brows’

For those that don’t want to spend too much time on their brows, or are going for a more natural look, the Billion Dollar Brows 60 Seconds To Beautiful Brows Kit simplified the process a bit, and gives you just what you need to transform your eyebrows, in ‘only 60 seconds’.  The kit includes two of their brow products: Brow Powder in the shade Taupe along with a Brow Brush to help you apply the powder and brush out your brows.

billion dollar brows 60 Seconds To Beautiful Brows Kit

My Billion Dollar Brows ’60 Seconds To Beautiful Brows’ Review

Being a minimalist when it comes to makeup, I definitely prefer to use the Brow Powder in my everyday routine. Similar to the Universal Brow Pencil, it has excellent pigmentation and lasts all day, however, I like it a bit better for two reasons: 1) I find that it looks a lot more natural compared to the pencil, and 2) when purchasing the powder on its own, you can choose from four shade options, including blonde, light brown, taupe, and raven, which literally cover the full spectrum – from the lightest of blondes to the darkest of browns/blacks.

billion dollar brows pencil and powder swatches

Above are the swatches of everything that comes in the Billion Dollar Brows Best Sellers Kit (on the right side of my hand), and the 60 Seconds to Beautiful Brows Kit (the two on the left side).  You can see the Universal Brow Pencil appears to be fairly dark and slightly warmer-toned compared to the Brow Powder in the shade Taupe.

When it comes to the concealer shade that comes with the Brow Duo Pencil Highlighter, I won’t say that it’s made for all skin colors – it appears to be made for those in the light-medium shade department.  I’m around NC-25 in MAC terms, and you can see in the swatch below that it’s fairly light on me.

Billion Dollar Brows ‘Best Sellers Kit’ Tutorial/Before & After

Here’s a quick little tutorial on how I use the products from the Best Sellers Kit, starting with my ‘before’ photo.

billion dollar brows best sellers kit tutorial

billion dollar brows best sellers kit tutorial

1. First, fill in your brows with the Universal Brow Pencil by gently drawing over the sparse areas.  The pencil, as I mentioned earlier, is very pigmented, so you don’t need to use a lot.

billion dollar brows best sellers kit tutorial

(I’d personally stop here if I were doing my everyday makeup – I’m totally happy with the way it looks –  but let’s continue for the sake of the tutorial!)

billion dollar brows best sellers kit tutorial

2. Then, I used the other side of the Universal Brow Pencil to brush my brow hairs in an upwards direction, followed by the Clear Brow Gel to ‘lock’ them in place.

billion dollar brows best sellers kit tutorial

3. Next, I applied the Brow Duo Pencil highlighter side below my brow, and then used the Smudge Brush to blend it in. (I realize I may have applied too much here – on the Billion Dollar Brows website, they actually suggest drawing a thinner line that runs along your entire brow bone – oops!)

billion dollar brows best sellers kit tutorial

4. Then I applied the Brow Duo Pencil concealer side the same way, only above my brow.  I used the Smudge Brush to blend that in as well.

billion dollar brows best sellers kit tutorial

And we’re done!

My Overall Billion Dollar Brows Review

Overall, I highly recommend checking out Billion Dollar Brows.  Though their 4-step process seemed a bit superfluous to me, there were definitely a few products along the way that caught my attention, and have since crept their way into my everyday makeup routine.  Out of everything I tried, the stand out products for me were the Brow Powders and Universal Brow PencilBoth of them have great pigmentation and last amazingly long.  As I mentioned, the Universal Brow Pencil is probably best if you have darker brows, or want slightly more dramatic results, whereas the Brow Powders are perfect if you have lighter brows and/or just want more natural looking brows.  Both products are available for purchase separately (at $18 each), or, if you really need the extra brush/eyebrow products, you may just want to go with a set (which costs $24 for the 60 Seconds to Beautiful Brows, and $42 for the Best Sellers).

Have you tried Billion Dollar Brows’ eyebrow products or kits?

Do you spend a lot of time on your brows, or have a more minimal routine?


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