Exuviance Pigment Lifting Masque Review

exuviance pigment lifting masque

Just last week, I reviewed one of the products I received from Exuviance – the SkinRise Bionic Tonic.  Today I wanted to follow up and share my experience using the second product I got to try out (and have been most excited to use) – the Exuviance Pigment Lifting Masques.  But first, let’s begin with a little background on the brand and product.

About Exuviance Skincare

Exuviance is a line of skin care products from NeoStrata.  They’re known for offering dermatologist developed skin care that uses patented antiaging ingredients backed by evidence from scientific and clinical studies.  Their products are clinically proven to ‘reduce lines and wrinkles, increase firmness, smooth texture and even skin tone’, and deliver full-strength antiaging benefits without irritation.

What is the Exuviance Pigment Lifting Masque?

Summer is now long gone, but some of us my still be noticing the lingering signs of sun damage. That’s where Exuviance comes in.  They’ve developed the Exuviance Pigment Lifting Masque, a unique facial mask that’s recommended for those with hyperpigmentation and sun damage.  It’s formulated with concentrated brighteners that work to diminish the look of dark spots and uneven pigmentation, and help prevent the formation of new spots. The end result is luminous skin that looks younger and more even toned.

Here are some of the key ingredients and benefits:

• Patented NeoGlucosamine® gently exfoliates skin to help break up existing dark spots and creating more even pigment
• Vitamin C amps up the brightening process by helping diminish the look of existing dark spots and preventing the formation of new spots
• Lightly hydrating serum leaves skin luminous and cushioned with moisture
• Mask is designed to adjust to fit any face so it adheres and locks in the active-rich formula

exuviance pigment lifting masque

How to Use

The Exuviance Pigment Lifting Masques work well after your morning and evening cleansing routines, though I’ll typically use them after my bedtime cleansing routine to allow the formula to ‘set’ on my skin by itself and fully absorb as I sleep. Here are the steps on how to use the masks:

1) Cleanse the face and pat dry
2) Place the mask over the entire face and gently smooth the fabric onto skin (the mask is designed to adjust to fit any face shape)
3) Leave the mask on for 10 minutes, allowing skin to absorb the brightening ingredients
4) After 10 minutes, remove the mask and massage any excess solution into the skin
5) Follow with a moisturizer

They recommended using these masks once or twice a week.

Exuviance Pigment Lifting Masque

My Exuviance Pigment Lifting Masque Review

To start off, the Exuviance Pigment Lifting Masques are quite large compared to others I’ve tried.  They would probably work best for those with a larger/wider face.  However, for someone with a smaller-sized face like myself, you’re going to have a lot of extra material left around the sides.  And that becomes a problem as the sides start to weigh down and gradually pull off the rest of the mask, making them nearly impossible to walk around in and multi-task.  (I was constantly re-adjusting my mask, and no amount of folding/tucking-in would help.)  On top of that, the masks didn’t come 100% soaked in serum, so there wasn’t much there to help them ‘stick’ in the skin.  With that said, I’d definitely recommend wearing these while laying down – maybe use them while you’re relaxing in the tub or laying on the couch watching TV.

See, the mask just doesn’t want to stick…

Exuviance Pigment Lifting Masque

Despite the rather difficult application process, after removing the mask, I was happy to see that my skin looked refreshed and even a little brighter.  The best part?  My skin felt hydrated and balanced – enough so that I didn’t feel the need to apply moisturizer afterwards.  The mask does leave your skin looking a bit shiny from the leftover serum though, which is why I’d recommend applying them in the evenings to let the serum fully absorb while you sleep.

Here’s my before (left), and after (right):


Overall, while these masks are both hydrating and brightening, the whole application process and fit of the mask just didn’t work for me personally.  I was also disappointed to find that the masks didn’t come completely saturated in serum (typically masks are 100% soaked, and even have enough extra product in their packets for 1-2 direct applications afterwards).  That aside, I do think the Exuviance Pigment Lifting Masques would be a great option if you find yourself struggling to fit into the smaller-sized facial masks on the market.  Otherwise, if it’s in your budget I’d recommend going for the SK-II Facial Treatment Masks, my personal favorite.

Pricing & Availability

The Exuviance Pigment Lifting Masque 6-piece set is available for $65 on Exuviance’s website (and sometimes on Amazon for slightly cheaper).  You can also find Exuviance products in Ulta stores.  At approximately $11 per mask, they’re right in the middle of the mask price spectrum, which ranges from around $2 to $25.

Have you tried brightening masks before?  Do you find that they improve your skin tone?



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