6 Pretty Little Essentials for Your Vanity

cute decorations for a vanity table

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A vanity area – whether it be a simple dresser top or a 100% dedicated makeup space complete with seating – should be more than just a place to apply makeup.  It should be a place to gain inspiration, say affirmations to start your day, and refresh and re-coup in between work and a night out.

It wasn’t until last year that I had the space (and extra furniture) to create my very own dedicated vanity area.  It’s by no means ‘Pinterest-worthy’, but it works and love it.  Before that (i.e. during high school, college, and almost all my 20’s), I relied on my dresser top and whatever bathroom space I had left.

No matter what size or type of space you’re working with, as long as you have the vanity basics – a mirror and some makeup storage – all it takes is a few key pieces to decorate and transform it into a more personalized ‘beautifying’ space of your own.

Here are 6 of my favorite things to put on my vanity for decoration, inspiration, or just plain convenience as I go about my makeup routine.


pretty vanity essentials and decorations

Scented candles make perfect decorations for all around the home – especially the vanity.  Try to find ones that you’ll enjoy catching a whiff of throughout the day.  Bonus points if you can find one that comes in a pretty jar to help decorate your vanity space at the same time!

Lately, I’ve been filling the air with the scent of lilacs through one of D.L. Co.’s gorgeous smokeless candles.  They’re made from palm, soy, and maple waxes so they don’t produce any soot, plus they have a really high scent throw (you don’t even need to light it to enjoy the fragrance!).  Better yet, they come in a bubble glass jar that can be used as a makeup brush holder or other decorative storage once the candle is used up.

Flowers & Plants

cute ways to decorate a vanity tableIMAGES: ApolloBox

Anything from a bouquet of fresh flowers to a few simple houseplants can help add a pop of color to your vanity.  I’m currently loving these suspended, almost laboratory-like plant holders.  They’re perfect for adding a whimsical touch to any space. (Shown above: Hydroponics Glass Vase, Leaf Metal Stand)

Makeup Books

cute vanity essentials and decorations

For those days you need a little inspiration, or just feel like trying something new, keep a few hardback makeup books on your vanity.  My personal favorite is Jemma Kidd’s Make-up Masterclass book (I know now with Youtube makeup tutorials, these books may seem obsolete, but I still love having loads of tips and look ideas just within my reach!).  I also find it fun to rip out trendy looks from magazines and keep them in a drawer for when a more adventurous mood strikes.

Personal Touches

cute vanity decorationsIMAGES: ApolloBox

Whether its photos, words of encouragement, trip or concert tickets, or other little personal mementos, be sure that your vanity has a few pieces that help inspire you, ground you, and leave you walking away with a smile.  Two of my favorite ways to display mementos and decorate my space are through floating frames and minimal photo stands. They take up almost no space at all, and allow you to fully customize your own little display.


cute vanity essentials and decorations

For that extra mood and confidence booster. 😉 Whether it be a few of your favorite full sized bottles, or a variety of little samples you’re experimenting with, a vanity is the perfect place to keep perfumes or body mists for a quick spritz.  The pretty bottles can also be quite decorative on their own! (Also shown: Botanical candle in ‘Indigo Waters’ from Apollo Box.)

Jewelry Trays & Dishes

cute decorations to put on your vanityIMAGES: ApolloBox

And finally, the last touch to complete any ‘beautifying’ routine is jewelry.  Save the full-sized jewelry box for your dresser or closet, and instead opt for a small jewelry box, dish, or tree to hold the pieces you wear most frequently, so you can quickly grab them and go.  (Shown above: Deer Horn Jewelry, Deer Accessory Tree)

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