What’s in My Beach Bag?

What's in My Beach Bag - summer essentials 1

When you’re headed out on a day trip to the beach this summer, a properly stocked beach bag is key to enjoying all that time in the sun and sand! Below are 12 beach bag must-haves that will help keep you relaxed and entertained, protected from sun, and – most importantly – hydrated!

1. Tote
Every beach trip needs a generously sized carry-all to store all your stuff. The more lightweight and water resistant, the better. Bonus points for any bag with extra zipper compartments for easy access to your keys and cash!

2. Beach hat
A beach hat not only helps keep the sun out of your eyes, it also doubles as sun protection. A hat will protect your scalp and cut down on the rays that are hitting your face and neck.

3. Sunglasses
A pair of sunglasses is another must-have on bright sunny beach days.   Leave your designer ones at home and grab some stylish yet inexpensive ones that you won’t mind getting scratched a bit (or worse, losing in the ocean – hey, it happens)!

4. Sarong
For a quick transition on and off the beach, a sarong is all you need. Wrap it around your waist and you’ve got a cute skirt to wear as you grab a slice of pizza. (I’m loving this simple black one!)

What's in My Beach Bag - summer essentials 4

What's in My Beach Bag - summer essentials 3

5. Chemical-Free sunscreen
A good sunscreen is the most important thing to remember to bring with you – especially if you plan on sitting for long hours or going into the water (as it’s best to always be re-applying). Make sure to hit all the sensitive and high points on your face and body, including your shoulders, neck, face, and nose.  Not all sunscreens are created equal though – some contain chemicals that can cause irritation, or worse, accumulate in our bodies and potentially be toxic.  That’s why I recently switched chemical-free sunscreens like Blue Lizard’s Sensitive Formula.  It provides UVA/UVB broad spectrum protection without the use of synthetic chemical sun filters, parabens, and fragrances.

6. Sunscreen lip balm
Because your lips need sunscreen too!  There are ton of chemical-free ones too, from non-toxic brands like Cotz and HURRAW!.

7. Post-sun replenisher
Salt water and sun can dry out your skin in no time, so it’s important to use an after-sun moisturizer as soon as you can to help your skin recover. I’m loving this one from Coola. It’s formulated with aloe vera, plus a ton of other skin-repairing and moisturizing ingredients to help minimize sun damage. Another favorite is EiR NYC’s Sunset Oil.  The formula is all-natural, and infused with arnica and aloe to feed dry, parched skin (plus it smells amazing!)

8. Leave-in conditioner
For both before and after the beach, a leave-in conditioner/serum helps lock in moisture before hitting the water, and makes hair more manageable afterwards.  You can you use coconut, argan, almond, or another other type of natural oil – just add a few drops into your palm and then smooth over your hair.

9. Facial spray
Between hot weather, salt water, and sun, these elements can really suck moisture from skin.  That’s where a hydrating facial mist comes in. One of my favorites for the beach is Evian’s spray. Theirs helps restore parched and sunburned skin with its unique mineral content.  Plus it comes out in a super fine micro-droplet mist that makes it easy for your skin to soak up. At the same time, it feels so cooling and refreshing on a hot summer day! Their travel size sprays (1.7 oz) are especially convenient when you’re on the go, plus they’re leak-proof!

What's in My Beach Bag - summer essentials 2

10. Beach towel
An absolute necessity when it comes to lounging around or taking breaks after catching some waves. The longer, bigger, and fluffier, the better!

11. Reading material
With the beach’s many distractions, short articles are much easier to conquer, which is why magazines are a beach favorite. This summer, try picking up something a little inspirational like Thoughtfully magazine. It’s filled with inspirational articles, little tips and short advice articles that will leave you feeling refreshed – mentally and spiritually.

12. Bottled water
Finally, between the summer heat and exhaustion, it’s especially important to keep your body hydrated if you’re going to be at the beach for several hours. Make sure to bring a bottle of water and store it in the bottom of your beach bag to help keep it cool.  Better yet, grab a Swell bottle – they help keep your water cooler for longer!

What are some of your beach bag essentials?



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