Philosophy 12 Days of Christmas Shower Gel Collection Review

Philosophy 12 days of Christmas shower gel set

Other than the occasional sample bottle here and there (like getting ‘Birthday Cake’ shower gel in my Sephora birthday kit one year!), it wasn’t until very recently that I got the chance to try out a nice sampling of Philosophy’s scented shower gels (thanks Mom!!!).

If you’re not familiar with Philosophy, they offer a range of perfumes, skincare, bodycare, and even makeup products – including these deliciously scented multi-taskers.  And just in time for the holidays, they’ve released a Philosophy 12 days of Christmas Shower Gel set, which comes with – you guessed it – 12 scented gels!

Each gel can be used to wash your hair, cleanse your body, or make bubble baths.  Depending on the strength of the scent and how you use them, some scents will linger on the skin a little afterwards. I found that you have a better chance of the scent lingering if you use them as shower gels and rub them in directly into your skin versus taking a bath in the gels.  I also found that when using these in the bath, they tend to go much quicker (I’ll use about 1/5 of the bottle to get just the right amount of bubbles), so I’ve been using them mainly as shower gels so they’ll last longer (you only need a little bit to get a good lather for cleansing!).

Here are all the delicious scents that come in the Philosophy 12 days of Christmas Shower Gel set.

Philosophy 12 days of Christmas shower gel set

White Cherry – A light cherry scent that smells just like a candy lollipop.

Peppermint Stick – A strong minty scent that smells exactly like a candy cane.

Sparkling Hollyberries – A super sweet and juicy berry scent that really gets your mouth watering!

Philosophy 12 days of Christmas shower gel set

Lemon Custard – A mix of cakey sweetness and juicy lemon zest.

Fresh Cream – A light scent that’s slightly sweet and vanilla-y.

Bubbly – An ‘intoxicating’ scent that smells just like champagne!

Philosophy 12 days of Christmas shower gel set

Christmas Cookie – A super yummy mix of cookie dough, vanilla, and sugar (and my favorite!).

Cinnamon Buns – A warm, buttery scent topped with a delicious ‘icing’ sweetness.

Spiced Gingerbread Cookie – A spicy mix of cinnamon, brown sugar, molasses, nutmeg, and ginger.  Pairs well with a glass of wine in the tub. 😉

Philosophy 12 days of Christmas shower gel set

Twinkling Starlight – A fresh yet warm scent that’s inviting and comforting.

Snow Angel – A fresh, clean, almost aquatic scent that transports you to the outdoors on a cold snowy day.

Sugar Plum Fairy – A light fruity and somewhat floral scent that feels very girly and fun.

Overall, if you’re looking for a way to pamper yourself (or someone special) this Fall and Winter, these Philosophy shower gels will do the trick. 😉  They create a yummy shower/bath experience, while cleansing and moisturizing your skin too, which is great for the drier months coming up.  This 12 shower gel set is perfect if you want to sample a wide range of Philosophy’s scents!

Have you tried Philosophy shower gels?  What are your favorite scents?



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