8 Essentials for a Luxurious Bath

Bathtime essentials

The Fall and Winter months are fast approaching, and you know what that means!  Time to start enjoying those long hot soaks in the tub again!  To get prepped for ultimate relaxation, here is my list of essentials for a luxurious bath:


Essentials oils

Essential oils can be added to your bath water and used as aromatherapy for relaxation. Lavender or Chamomile essential oil are my personal favorites.  Just add 5-10 drops, depending on your tub size. (Here’s a starter set that gives you plenty of scents to try out: Essential Oil Beginner Starter Set.)

Tip: Combine essential oils with epsom salts, or add them to your own homemade bath bombs!


Sea Salts

Bathing in warm salted water is known to promote detoxification, increased circulation, and muscle relaxation for the whole body. Dead sea salts in particular can also help improve skin hydration, skin texture and skin tone, making them a great choice for anyone suffering from psoriasis, eczema, or acne.

The San Francisco Bath Salt Company offers some great options, plus many come scented, so you can use them in place of essential oils.  Or, customize unscented sea salts with your own blend of essential oils!

Candles, Candles, Candles!

Candles are another little essential for a relaxing bath. It’s as simple as grabbing a couple dozen tealights from your local dollar store, and setting them up around your tub and bathroom.

My personal favorite are these soy tea lights. Soy candles not only burn cleaner, but they also last longer than paraffin candles.


Relaxing Music

To complete the atmosphere, turn on some soothing nature sounds, or relaxing music.  I use these UE Mini Boom wireless bluetooth speakers (gotta love the boyfriend’s gadgets!).  They’re portable and wireless, which makes them super easy to set up – just sit them on your sink or bathroom shelves, and stream some tunes from your iPhone!


A Deeper Soak

To get some extra soaking room, I used to try and plug the drain in my bathtub with a washcloth to stop the water!   Thankfully, I found this little overflow cover, which makes it super easy to get that extra 2-4 inches of soaking room in your tub.  (This is especially great in the colder months, as you can literally soak your whole body – up to the neck – in hot water!)

The cover works by overriding the drain in your bathtub. Just place the cover over the drain, and let the water in your tub fill to the top of the cover (but make sure you don’t walk away from your tub for too long while it’s on!).


Mini Entertainment Center/Writing Desk

Whether you enjoy reading a book, watching Youtube, or writing in a journal, a bath tray is another must have! You can typically find them with glass holders as well, which is another nice convenience.

Here’s one of my favorites: the Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray. It’s extendable to fit all sizes of tubs, and has a strong support to hold your books/devices.


Bath Pillow

Bathtime is all about relaxation, but resting your head on a hard tub can cause strain on your neck as you struggle to situate yourself in just the right spot.

That’s where a bath pillow comes in!  They provide that extra cushion and support so you can make sure your whole body is at ease.  Your head, neck, and even your shoulders will thank you!


Comfy Robe

Lastly, when you’re all done with your bath, there’s nothing better than lounging around in a luxurious bathrobe, especially in the Winter time!   The bigger, thicker, and fluffier, the better!

For some extra luxury, look for a robe that’s made with Turkish Cotton, which is absorbent and softer than other cottons.  Plus, Turkish Cotton actually becomes even softer, fluffier, and more absorbent after each wash!

What are your bathtime essentials?


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