The Petit Vour Vegan Beauty Box: October 2018 Review & Unboxing

petit vour october 2018 review

Today I’ve got another subscription box to share with you guys – this time, it’s the Petit Vour for October!

If you’re new to the Petit Vour box, it’s a monthly subscription box that delivers 4-5 luxury beauty products straight to your door.  The products are not only high-performing, but also non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free.  Each box focuses on mainly skincare, body care, and makeup.  It ships worldwide and costs $18/month to the US, $23/month to Canada, and $25/month to ship everywhere else.  Visit Petit Vour to learn more!

“Petit Vour is the luxury destination for cruelty-free beauty and lifestyle. Everyday beautiful thing in your Petit Vour Box is expert-vetted and free of animal testing, animal ingredients and harmful toxins, for the easiest transition to cruelty-free beauty.”

Now, without further ado, let’s take a look inside the Petit Vour box for October…

petit vour october 2018 review & unboxing

Petit Vour October 2018 Review

The October 2018 Petit Vour beauty box brings “the very best version of you to light” through brightening skincare, a shimmery highlighter, and more.  Keep reading for the full rundown!

Goldfaden MD Bright Eyes review

Goldfaden MD Bright Eyes (Deluxe size, Value: $18) – This is the second time Goldfaden MD has been featured this year.  The first was back in June’s Petit Vour box where they sent out the brand’s facial detox mask.  I have to say, I was very impressed by it!  First impressions of this brightening eye cream is that it’s just as high quality – it’s rich and creamy yet lightweight and fast-absorbing.  I applied it just a few hours ago and my skin is still feeling super soft and supple to the touch.  And I swore the whole area feels a little bit firmer too. 🙂  This could easily see this becoming a fall and winter staple!

Kani Botanicals Prismatic Highlighter Balm review Kani Botanicals Prismatic Highlighter Balm swatch

Kani Botanicals Prismatic Highlighter Balm (Full size, Value: $28) – I wouldn’t expect to see a highlighter in a fall-themed box, especially one as shimmery as this!  I applied it to my face and it left behind a soft, transparent sheen along with a heavy dose of gold micro-shimmer.  It’s a bit too shimmery for me to want to use as a cheek highlight, and I’m also not a huge fan of the gold shade – I think it’s probably better suited for those with medium to dark skin.  All-in-all though, it does feel very nourishing on the skin thanks to the castor, safflower, coconut, and jojoba oils.  Plus it does look pretty on the lids – applied on its own, or over other shadows.

Formulary 55 Rosehip & Clay Facial Mask review

Formulary 55 Rosehip & Clay Facial Mask (Full size, Value: $8) – We saw Formulary 55 pop up back in August’s Petit Vour box where they sent us a full-body clay detox mask.  This month, they’ve included a mask formulated specifically for the face.  It helps detoxify and soften using a gentle pink clay that won’t over-dry the skin. In fact it says it’s suitable for all skin types.  I’ve used this once already and it made my skin feel very soft, and also gave it a rosy glow (I used it as an exfoliation mask as well).  The packet is generously sized too – it includes enough for at least 3-4 full-face treatments (I’ve found that using the recommended 1/2 packet per treatment gives me more than I need to cover the face and neck).

Mai Couture Bamboo Charcoal Blotting Paper review

Mai Couture Bamboo Charcoal Blotting Paper (Full size, Value: $10) – And finally, we have a handy little packet of blotting paper (60 sheets total) that helps soak up oilies while detoxing skin at the same time – on-the-go!  The sheets contain bamboo charcoal which absorbs everything from bacteria, toxins, and micro-particles from the skin.  If you have combo or oily skin like me, you can never have too many of these packets laying around!  I always keep one in my purse for quick touch-ups throughout the day.

petit vour october 2018 review 1

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Have you tried Petit Vour? What’s your favorite beauty subscription box?


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