The Petit Vour Vegan Beauty Box: August 2018 Review & Unboxing

petit vour August 2018 review & unboxing

Another one of my favorite clean beauty subscription boxes showed up at my door this past weekend – August’s Petit Vour box!

Petit Vour’s monthly beauty boxes include 4-5 luxury beauty products, all of which are vegan, cruelty-free, and formulated with non-toxic ingredients.  Products typically include skincare, body care, and makeup, and occasionally hair and nail care. The box ships worldwide and costs $18/month to the US, $23/month to Canada, and $25/month to ship everywhere else.  Visit Petit Vour to learn more!

“Petit Vour is the luxury destination for cruelty-free beauty and lifestyle. Everyday beautiful thing in your Petit Vour Box is expert-vetted and free of animal testing, animal ingredients and harmful toxins, for the easiest transition to cruelty-free beauty.”

Now, without further ado, let’s take a look inside the Petit Vour box for August 2018…

Petit Vour August 2018 Review

The August 2018 Petit Vour beauty box brings us four “beauty routine game changers”, from a twist-up brow pencil that promotes hair growth, to luxurious treatments for the face, body, and hair.  Keep reading for the full rundown!

Eye of Horus Brow Define review - shade medium

Eye of Horus Brow Define (Full size, Value: $25)I’m not the biggest fan of eyebrow pencils as I’ve found they tend to do more harm than good in the long term.  If you use one that requires you to put a lot of pressure on your eyebrows, it can actually pull out hairs and stunt the growth of new ones (at least that’s what I’ve experienced!).

This pencil, however, has a fairly soft tip that transfers easily using a light hand.  It’s also very thin, so you can draw on fine, wispy lines to create more natural-looking fullness (just be careful not to twist out too much product at one time, as the pencil is very delicate and can break off easily). I also like that it contains castor oil, which helps strengthen hair and promote growth. Though it’s best to apply the oil to the entire brow area – skin and hairs – if you want to reap all of its benefits, a little extra in your everyday brow product never hurts!

Also available on Amazon & Beauty Bay

St. Tropica Coconut Hot Oil Hair Mask review

St. Tropica Coconut Hot Oil Hair Mask (Full size, Value: $5) – Summer can do a number on your hair – from chlorine to sun damage.  Over the past few years, I’ve been using straight up organic, virgin coconut oil treatments about once a week on my hair and scalp.  This hair mask however, seems like a great upgrade!  On top of organic, virgin coconut oil, it also contains biotin, horsetail, amla, hibiscus, green tea, coconut butter, and coconut fruit extract – all of which are organic.  Combined, they help strengthen and repair hair damage from the inside-out, lock-in moisture to eliminate split ends and frizzy hair, and stimulate new and healthy hair growth.

I also love the idea of using this warmed up.  The unopened packet can be placed right in the microwave for a quick 20 seconds to heat, and then applied directly onto dry hair and scalp.  Give your head a little massage and then let the treatment sit for a minimum of 20 minutes (and overnight if you can!).  Rinse out in the morning and condition – it’s that easy!

Also available at Credo Beauty, Amazon & Ulta

Odacite Black Mint Cleanser review 3

Odacite Black Mint Cleanser (Deluxe size, Value: $14) – Odacite is quickly becoming one of my favorite clean skincare brands (I first fell in love with their products after trying out this matcha cleanser!).  Their products are pretty pricey, but IMO, they’re worth it.  This cleanser is no exception.  While it’s not recommended for the eye area, it works as an amazing second cleanse.  The part-liquid, part-gel formula lightly foams and works to eliminate excess oil, dirt, impurities, environmental toxins, and any leftover makeup from the skin’s surface (using apple amino acids) and deep down in the pores (using activated charcoal + rhassoul clay).

The cleanser also contains peppermint + tea tree, which helps minimize the appearance of pores overtime for a smoother, more even complexion (while also creating a refreshing sensory experience – both in scent and feel!).  Overall, it’s a great multi-tasking cleanser for fighting congestion, and I can’t wait to see what it does for my combination skin (and all those pesky blackheads I can’t seem to get rid of) after a few weeks!

Also available at The Detox Market, Amazon & Cult Beauty

Formulary 55 Sea Clay Body Mask review

Formulary 55 Sea Clay Body Mask (Full size, Value: $8) –  And finally, we have a little detoxifying treatment for the whole body (including the face!).  As they suggest, I’ve been using it on my neck, decolletage, and back – three areas I often neglect.  It supposedly helps tone and and tighten while also removing impurities, pollutants and excess oils without stripping the skin.  I haven’t noticed a big difference just yet – other than that it makes my skin feel super soft – though fortunately the packet is big enough for 4-5 targeted treatments.  (If you’re using it for the full body, you’ll get about 2 treatments total).

My favorite way to use these kind of body masks is during a bath.  I’ll wet my skin first and give my pores some time to open up.  Then I’ll apply the mask on my neck, decolletage, and rub any leftover powder on my arms and back.  I’ll let that sit for about 10-15 minutes while I breathe in the formula’s intoxicating sea-like aroma, and then shower it off.  The best part about doing it this way?  There’s no mess to clean up!

Formulary 55 Sea Clay Body Mask review 1Formulary 55 Sea Clay Body Mask review 09

Trying it out as a face mask!  Be careful not to leave the mask on too long as the clay can start to draw moisture from the skin.  (I’d recommend removing it before it completely dries out.)

Looking at the ingredients list, it’s actually quite minimal – all that is inside is dead sea mineral clay, matcha powder, activated charcoal, and Formulary 55’s own proprietary blend of essential oils.  I’m actually tempted to try and re-create this on my own, though the exact scent may be a little difficult to capture!

Learn more & sign up at Petit Vour!

Have you tried Petit Vour? What’s your favorite beauty subscription box?


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