8 No-Fuss Summertime Must-Haves

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No-Fuss Beauty & Style Essentials for Summer 10

With the weather heatin’ up, I thought it would be the perfect time to share some of my favorite, no-fuss summertime essentials.  I’m talking about stain-free tanners and deodorants, non-damaging hair ties, and more – things that either boost or simplify my summer wardrobe, workouts, or beauty regimen.  Keep reading for the full rundown, and let me know if you’re tried any of the products below (or have any other favorites)!

Tan Luxe Water Hydrating Self Tanner 056

The No-Mess, Non-Toxic Tanner

I don’t know what it is about a tan, but when my skin is just a few shades darker, everything looks better on me – whites pop, and my favorite bright lipsticks look 10x prettier. I look healthier, and as vain as it may sound, it gives me an extra boost of confidence  Even still, it’s not worth baking in the sun without sun protection, so I’ve turned to self-tanners. The safest ones out there are made with organic, plant-based DHA, which I look for first and foremost when purchasing a new one. And then there’s the application process…

Almost all self-tanners I’ve tried up and until this year were either dark, thick mousses or runny liquids, which can get very messy if you aren’t careful and stain anything they touch. But then I discovered The Water self-tanner by Tan-Luxe and it blew me away. It’s the first tanner I’ve come across that’s completely clear, and doesn’t stain my white sheets or my clothing. It’s also quicker and easier to apply as it comes in spray form, and bonus, it’s hydrating and nourishing (thanks to raspberry oil, aloe vera, and vitamins B, C & E) and non-toxic! Available at Sephora and Ulta.

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Soapwalla Lavender Mint Deodorant for sensitive skin

The All-Natural, Non-Staining Deodorant

Speaking of wearing whites, years ago, my favorite white tops used to last a summer, max, in my closet.  After several wears, the pits would all be stained a yucky yellow thanks to sweat – or so I thought.  After doing a bit of research, I learned that the chemicals in my antiperspirants (like aluminum) were to blame, not sweat, so I made the switch over to natural deodorants.  Another benefit?  Unlike antiperspirants, natural deos allow the body to breathe and function the way it’s supposed to, without plugging up the pores.

One of my current favorites is Soapwalla’s Lavender Mint Deodorant Cream.  At first, I wasn’t crazy about the idea of using my fingers to apply the formula, but it’s not nearly as messy as I thought it would be.  It comes in a soft, creamy solid that almost instantly melts into the skin and leaves behind a light, powdery finish.  Do a quick rinse, or wipe your hands off with a paper towel or tissue, and you’re set.  It also smells so relaxing and refreshing, but at the same time, doesn’t irritate my sensitive underarms.  Available at The Detox Market (where you can sample it) and Amazon.

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Supportables No Adhesive Silicone Nipple Covers 77

The Adhesive-Free Cover-Ups

On the hottest days, there’s nothing more comfy than slipping on a strappy tank or dress. Only problem is, you have to have the right color and style bra to match. And even then, some tops just don’t look quite right unless you go bra-free. In those cases, thank goodness someone invented cover-ups that you can wear for that extra bit of security!

Not all are equal though – some cover-ups use sticky adhesive, while others, like my favorites from Supportables, simply use body heat to stay put. From my experience, the latter are comfier, look smoother, and last longer than adhesive petals, and even those stick-on strapless bras.  (According to the packaging, Supportables are reusable 100 times or more!). Only thing is, it looks like they’re available in just the one shade, so if you’re looking for more options, definitely check out Rose LeMarc and Hollywood Fashion.

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Invisibobble Hair Ties Vanity Fairy

The Strong (But Comfy) Hair Tie

Long, flowy hair with messy beach waves can look beautiful in the summer, but let’s face it, it’s not always the most practical, nor the most comfortable when you’re walking on a windy beach, or out in the heat with sweat pouring down your neck.  But tie up your hair in a ponytail, and all those problems are solved – well, maybe not all of them.  If you’re using one of those thin black hair ties, sometimes it can introduce new problems, like kinks, or worse, hair breakage.  Especially if you’re going for a high ponytail, to get that kind of strength you really have to pull, stretch, and tighten up that tie, and this forces a lot of pressure onto one small area of your hair.

Fortunately, there’s a new guy in town – the Invisibobble!  Its large, spiral design allows it to grip the hair better while helping to distribute some of that pressure, giving you strong hold with less damage and breakage.  Even on my straight (and sometimes slippery) hair, the Invisibobble manages to hold it up better, and for much longer, than my black hair ties, especially while exercising.  And when I finally let my hair down, it doesn’t leave behind harsh lines, kinks, or waves.  Shown above is their rainbow-colored ‘Vanity Fairy‘ set.  Although they are very cute, I plan on picking up the brown ones next to better match my hair color (they have colors to match blonde, red, and black hair too)!  Available at Sephora and Amazon.

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Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat review, before & after

The One-Minute, Minimal Mani

I’ve been pretty low maintenance with my nail care routine this past year.  In the summertime especially, between sandy beach trips, swimming and exposing my hands to constant moisture, and hiking and biking, it can be difficult to maintain a fresh looking mani.  And so, unless I get the sudden urge to coat my nails in a bright, colorful lacquer, most weeks, I’ll reach for Perfect Formula’s Pink Gel Coat (which I actually featured not long ago in my nail care routine).

This pink-tinted gel instantly brightens my nails, adds shine, and makes them look freshly manicured in just a few minutes time.  And bonus – it works as a treatment to help protect, strengthen, and nourish nails too.  Best of all, because it’s clear, you can barely notice it when it starts to chip or wear away!  Available at Sephora, Ulta, and Amazon.

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Prive Revaux Warrior and Hepburn sunglasses

The Stylish, Budget-Friendly Sunnies

Sunglasses are a summertime essential.  But when you’re playing volleyball on the beach, taking a dip in the ocean (with the occasional 2-3 waves), or going on hiking adventures, sometimes it’s not the best idea to be wearing your favorite $100+ pair of shades.

That’s where Prive Revaux comes in.  They have sunnies for both men and women that are affordable, yet stylish and trendy, and also surprisingly well-made.  I just picked up my very first pairs for ~$30 each and have been wearing them non-stop.  And while I would still be upset if I were to lose or break one (particularly the Hepburns – my current favorites), it wouldn’t be quite as bad as having to replace my favorite retro, red-rimmed Ray-Bans.

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The All-in-One PMS Buster

When the weather is sunny and warm, nothing can stop me from heading outside and getting some exercise – not even when it’s ‘that time of the month’. What’s been helping me battle pain? Pamprin Multi-Symptom. What first drew me to Pamprin is the fact that it packs a maximum strength pain reliever (acetaminophen) to help fight cramps and backaches. It has the same strength as an Extra Strength Tylenol, which, fortunately, is enough to handle even my worst days.

But there’s more – unlike other pain relievers, Pamprin helps fight the full spectrum of PMS symptoms that can get in the way of summer fan. For one, it contains a diuretic (pamabrom), which helps fight against bloating and water weight gain (so you can feel confident in those summer crop tops!). It also contains an antihistamine (pyrilamine maleate) to relieve irritability and headaches. And as opposed to other pain relievers, it’s caffeine free (which is the best thing in the world when you wake up at 4am with cramps and just want to go back to bed!) and also aspirin free (though, if you have any of the conditions here, just make sure to check with your doctor beforehand). Available on Amazon.

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Little Barn Apothecary Coconut + Mint Cooling Mineral Mist 029

The Cooling, Skin-Loving Body Mist

If you follow my blog, you’re probably aware of my obsession with face mists by now.  They are so addictive and feel amazing on the skin after a workout, post-sun exposure, or really whenever you want a quick refresher.  But you know what’s also a real treat?  A full body mister.  One of my absolute favorites is Little Barn Apothecary’s Coconut + Mint Cooling Mineral Mist.

This all-natural spritzer instantly cools the skin on contact, and then works to replenish it with moisture using coconut extract, aloe water, and ocean minerals.  Plus, it smells so yummy – just imagine real, warm coconut topped with zingy, fresh mint!  After just one spray, I’m immediately transported to the beach with a mojito in hand! 😉  Available at Ulta and Petit Vour.

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What are some of your no-fuss summertime essentials?


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